Here Wheelie Snowboard Bags - Wheeled bags for your snowboard
Wheelie Snowboard Bags - Snow Shack

Wheelie snowboard bags are easy to travel with

Why haul a heavy bag around when wheelie snowboard bags make it much easier to take your snowboarding equipment with you when you travel.

  • Forget awkward tussling with several bags when you're pressed for time at an airport. Wheelie snowboard bags let you pack multiple items inside, paring down your luggage needs and simplifying everything! Durable multi-use bags contain removable bags that let you organize necessary items, making it easy to find what you need when you're in a hurry.... read more

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More About Wheelie Snowboard Bags - Snow Shack:

  • Protect skis, snowboards and other valuable equipment with these rugged padded bags that perform double duty as storage and protective units. Double weave materials make wheelie snowboard bags incredibly sturdy and ready for any abuse you can dish out. Running through airports to get to your next big winter event? These bags can take it, but even if you lose a wheel, the IXIOM system makes it simple to replace lost wheels.

  • Get wheelie snowboard bags from Snow Shack the next time you're headed to a major shred event and you'll travel in style, while keeping your board safe and sound.

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