Games and gadgets to make your family room fun!

Make your family recreation room the most popular place in the house with:

  • Home bars -- Stay in and enjoy with their home bars. Check out some great home bar ideas - from the classic Jack Daniels themed bar to poolside Tiki bars.

  • Snacks and treats -- Make snacks just like at the movies with a home cotton candy machine, Sno-Cone maker, or one of their home theatre popcorn makers.

    What's Inside:
    Choose one of their modern popcorn poppers, or a reproduction 1911 popcorn cart to add a unique look to your game room.

  • Home theater seating and accessories -- Imagine watching your favorite film in a luxurious, reclining home theatre seat. The right home theater furniture can make the view on your plasma screen or HDTV even better -- complete the at-the-cinema experience as relax in your very own home theater seat, custom covered to match your décor.

  • Game tables -- Leave the video game for another day, and enjoy the live action fun of your very own foosball table, or the gaming variety of one of their versatile combo game tables.

  • Ventless fireplaces -- Enjoy the warm light of a fireplace even in a basement rec room with an easy-to-install ventless fireplace. Choose a classic mantle and fireplace style, or a Franklin Stove replica…perfect for any room where you want the glow of a fireplace without the expense of construction.

  • Rec room lighting -- LED lighting is the modern, low cost alternative to incandescent fixtures for accent lighting. Have the flickering look of candlelight without the risk of fire with LED candles, or illuminate a wall with an LED panel. Check out all their LED lighting choices for your family room or any room.

Create the family room you've always wanted with the help of From a luxurious home theater chair and theatre-style popcorn machine, to cozy ventless fireplaces and home bars, you can have the perfect get-away right there at home.