GK Elite Figure Skating

Look beautiful on the ice with skating outfits and dresses

For years, GK Elite has been the supplier skaters trust for quality ice skating outfits, offering beautiful ice skating dresses and practice wear choices. Browse their figure skating catalog for year round and special holiday-themed ice skating costumes including:

  • Women's ice skating dresses - In any performance on ice, the ice skating dress becomes an essential element in the audience's experience.

    What's Inside:
    Exquisitely designed, graceful apparel enhances the beauty of each carefully choreographed move. That's what you'll find in their collection of exceptional performance attire for figure skating.

  • Children's ice skating outfits - Child, Teen and adult skaters will find the perfect ice skating outfits at GK Elite. Each dress has been created to add the perfect finishing touch to your choreography, highlighting the beauty of each glide and spin.

  • Practice wear - Skaters will appreciate the flexible comfort of GK Elite's collection of practice attire, including dresses, pants, leggings, skirts and tops. Slip into a cozy jacket when you come off the ice or between sessions.

  • Skater's street wear - Show the world your passion when you choose t's and jackets that proclaim your love for ice skating. Add comfortable sports pants or shorts for the perfect outfit any time you can't be on the ice.

  • Skating basics - GK Elite also offers the basics skaters need, from sports bras to tights, and even briefs designed to fit perfectly under your performance and practice attire.

No matter which of their ice skating costumes or practice outfits you choose, you're guaranteed the finest quality and the most beautiful fabrics, designs and workmanship available. Elite Figure skating Champions trust GK Elite for elegance on the ice!