Turtle Press

Martial arts instructional DVD's, videos and books

Learn the forms and techniques of popular types of martial arts when you select a martial arts video on DVD or a martial arts book.

What's Inside:
  • Martial arts self defense videos - Whether you choose a DVD which demonstrates basic, intermediate or advanced Hapkido techniques, a Jujitsu series or one of their other self-defense focused DVD's, you'll see and learn from the masters in defensive martial arts.

  • Taekwondo - Now you can learn the basic and advanced Taekwondo forms at home when you choose a Taekwondo martial arts video on DVD from Turtle Press. Supplement your class time, or add new skills to your sparring routine with their collection of DVD's featuring step-by-step instruction and clear demonstrations of each new technique.

  • Muay Thai techniques and demonstrations - Experience the excitement and skill of full contact kickboxing when you choose DVD's and books featuring detailed instruction in one of the most punishing of all types of martial arts. Each of these exceptional martial arts videos shows you how to use feet, elbows, hands, and knees to subdue your opponent and protect yourself.

  • Tai Chi instruction - The graceful slow moves and the unexpected power of Tai Chi make it popular with practioners of all levels. Learn the short and long forms of this strength and agility-building martial art when you order a DVD set featuring some of the world's greatest Tai Chi masters taking you step by step through each movement.

  • Law enforcement training videos - Learn the skills that may save your life on the job when you choose a law enforcement training video from Turtle Press. Master the techniques of street fighting, combat Hapkido, knife defense and weapons retention in these DVDs created specifically for the men and women who risk their lives on the street each and every day.

  • Training and fitness DVD choices - Get in shape for your martial arts practice or just for life when you order a fitness-focused martial arts video from their library of professional, easy to follow instructional DVDs. Learn the proper way to warm up, stretch, execute the forms and elements, and cool down after a session for maximum performance and reduced injury.

From the popular types of Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts to defensive arts using Tai Chi, Jujitsu or Hapkido techniques, they bring the best instructors in martial arts right into your home.