Everything for swimming, from men's and women's swimsuits to stopwatches and flippers

The Pure Blue Swim catalog is the place where swimmers love to shop. They carry a full line of professional swim gear, men's and women's swim suits, and water sports equipment.

What's Inside:
  • Swimmer's training gear - Whether you need kick boards, pull buoys, snorkels, or swimming flippers, they have the equipment you need for training or practice time. Beginners will find the training gear they need to learn how to swim the right way; advanced swimmers will find the tools they need to shave seconds off a lap or increase endurance.

  • Swim team equipment - Get ready for your next meet with their swim meet stopwatches, tempo trainers and other electronics. Get the pool set for the big competition with lane markers, lap counters, backstroke flags and starting blocks. Then select the best swimming suits from their selection of suits designed to reduce water drag and increase lap speed.

  • Swim goggles - See clearly in the water with quality TYR swimming goggles. Choose from competition, triathlon, or recreational designs. Or for extra help in the water, order prescription water goggles - no more leaving clear vision on dry land.

  • Men and women's swimsuits - Pure Blue Swim is also a complete swim wear catalog. Choose from TYR, Dolfin, Elite and Speedo mens and women's swimsuits. Whether you select briefer Speedo style swimwear or prefer more modest swimwear (the choice of many high school and collegiate swim teams), they have the right men's and women's swim suits for training, competition or recreation.

  • Performance swimming caps - The right swimming cap is as essential as the right swimwear or swim fins. Check out their selection of durable, sleek swim caps before your next meet and watch the seconds disappear from your laps.

  • Water polo and triathlon equipment - Let Pure Blue Swim be your water sports equipment supplier, with the water polo and triathlon equipment you need for practice or performance. Don't miss their men's and women's swimsuits designed specifically for water polo players.

From women and mens swimwear to swim meet gear and swimming flippers, Pure Blue Swim is the next best thing to actually being in the water.