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Cool travel gear makes traveling anywhere easier

Day trips or long, extended vacations both need cool travel gear to make sure you're comfortable wherever you go. Hammacher Schlemmer, full of innovative and unexpected products, has gear and accessories that you can use however you travel.

  • Good quality luggage will last for years. You'll find incredibly lightweight and handsome luggage that makes traveling a breeze.... read more

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More About Cool Travel Gear - Hammacher Schlemmer:

Impervious luggage, rucksacks, carpet bags and valises are rugged, roomy and durable. For anyone who spends most of their time jet-setting around the world, cool travel gear like the self-propelled suitcase is a must! No more hauling heavy bags up hills and inclines. This suitcase does it for you.

  • In the air, on the road or on rails, cool travel gear is convenient and easy for you. Try accessories like a portable gel seat, germ eliminating toothbrush sanitizer, GPS homing device, stainless steel wallet, motion sickness relief wrist band, front pocket wallet, circulation enhancing socks, electronics charger, travel adapter and so much more! You'll have everything you need no matter where you go.

  • Cool travel gear is great for anyone who travels, whether just for the day or for extended periods of time.

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