Rick's First Generation Camaro by Eckler's

First Gen Camaro restoration parts and accessories for your 1967 - 1969 Camaros

At Rick's First Generation Camaro from Eckler's, you'll find the most complete selection of First Gen Camaro restoration parts assembled anywhere in the United States. You'll not only find 1967 Camaro parts, 1968 Camaro parts and 1969 Camaro parts, but a huge collection of Camaro apparel and accessories that make great gifts for First Gen lovers!

  • 1967,1968 & 1969 Camaro parts - For a Camaro find you won't find anywhere else, Rick's has the First Gen Camaro restoration parts to finally get your Camaro project underway.

    What's Inside:
    Whether you need a First Gen body kit, restoration belts, windshield wiper blades or other First Gen parts and accessories, you'll have no trouble finding the 1967 to 1969 Camaro parts you want, now.

  • Camaro tires - For 67 to 1969 Camaro parts, wheel on into Rick's for the best selection of first generation Camaro tires and Camaro wheels! From classic style aluminum wheels to Firestone wide oval red line tires, the choice is yours. No matter if you're shopping for center caps, lugs and studs, spinners, trim rings, wheel kits or tires and wheels themselves, Rick's has it all, and then some. That's just how they roll.

  • Camaro seats - The exterior of your Camaro 1969 is smokin', now get to work on that interior! Find Camaro bucket seat foam cushions, seat frames, seatbelt sets and more for a total deluxe and plush interior. Check out their seat bumpers, arm rest panels, ashtray assemblies and other interior accessories that will leave your Camaro sitting pretty.

  • Camaro spoiler - Give your 1969 Camaro convertible a whole new look with a brand new spoiler. Define your ride with front or rear end spoilers that will give your car wings! Rick's spoilers offer heavy grain patterns like the originals, and you'll also find the tools and parts you need to get your spoiler all set up. You'll find spoiler mounting hardware sets including nut sets and bracket sets to get the job done in no time.

  • Camaro hood - Set your first generation Camaro up with a shiny new hood with Rick's First Generation Camaro. Find 1967- 1969 steel hoods for cars with standard trim, plus Rick's also features a grand selection of other fine hood accessories from hood hardware including hood latches and hood hinges to hood emblems that will make you want to show off that hood to the entire neighbor-hood!
For Camaro headers, emblems, engine parts, interior parts, exterior parts and more for your 67, 68 or 69 Camaro, don't bother shopping around. Let Rick's First Generation Camaro help you ride out your first gen Camaro project in style.