Pegasus Lighting, Commercial

Commercial Lighting Fixtures - Exit lights, display light fixtures, recessed lighting and more

Pegasus Lighting specializes in a vast selection of commercial lighting fixtures for your business. From the perfect display light to showcase your prized merchandise to easy to see exit lights and recess lighting, you'll find the most innovative lighting solutions, all in one place.

  • Commercial Lighting Fixtures - Whether you're backlighting, installing exit lights, lighting retail store shelves and cabinets or calling attention to new items with a distinctive display light, Pegasus Lighting has the commercial lighting fixtures that will lighten up any store, office or place of business, with an unmatched selection of high quality lighting fixtures in stock.

    What's Inside:

  • Exit Lights - Be prepared for any emergency with exit lights, signs and LED lighting options that will get people evacuated quickly and safely. Pegasus Lighting features two-headed emergency light fixtures and LED exit signs with emergency lights that are available at the most reasonable prices.

  • Recessed Lighting - Improve the look of your place of business by incorporating recess lighting options that highlight specific areas in a room while accentuating decorative elements, for a space that appears more open and spacious. Find recessed commercial lighting fixtures including a wide variety of LED and halogen recessed lighting fixtures and accessories.

  • Energy Efficient Lights - Conserve energy with an eco-friendly selection of energy efficient lights that will help your business become more eco-conscious while saving money. Choose from LED lighting fixtures, ENERGY STAR lights, metal halide light bulbs, air tight recessed housings, dimmers, fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent light fixtures and more.

  • Commercial Lighting Accessories - Your company will never be in the dark, thanks to the extensive supply of commercial lighting accessories that will keep all of your commercial lighting fixtures working properly and efficiently. Find a wide variety of light bulbs, dimmers, tube guards, UV filters, transformers, controls, lamp shields and other helpful lighting supplies.
Whether you need exhibit lighting for your art gallery, cove lighting for your restaurant or ceiling lights and exit lights for your office building, Pegasus Lighting has the leading selection of commercial lighting fixtures available, featured at more than affordable prices.