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Wholesale commercial maintenance and janitorial cleaning supplies

With Promaco Inc., your building's janitorial equipment and commercial cleaning supplies are a breeze to order.

What's Inside:

  • Clean buildings project a great image for your business - It's not only restaurants that should worry about cleanliness. Regardless of your business, you'll want to keep your space clean for employees and clients alike using cost-effective wholesale cleaning supplies. Industrial cleaning supplies as part of your janitor maintenance program help you to keep spaces spotless and safe.

  • Find moving supplies to make furniture moves easy - Need a towing dolly for your custodial staff? Perhaps you need several. With tow dollies at Promaco, you can outfit your custodial staff with the equipment they need to move heavy office or school furniture safely. A moving dolly makes rearranging your office space quick - meaning less disruption to your business.

  • Keep extra tables on hand for conventions and other uses - Whether you're buying for lunchrooms or conference rooms, it's always a good idea to have extra tables on hand. Promaco carries both rectangular folding tables and round folding tables, easy to put away for storage, easy to pull out for instant uses from bake sales to lunch meetings.

  • A clean bathroom is a germ-free bathroom - Your bathroom can't be clean enough - so it's important to keep a good supply of commercial bathroom supplies on hand for easy janitor maintenance. With great wholesale cleaning supplies, you'll get good prices and great value. Don't forget the commercial soap dispensers; your smart purchase of bulk liquid hand soap dispensers for every bathroom keeps employees' hands clean and germs at bay. They also have foam soap dispensers so you can offer employees and clients a lavish foamy soap for an extra clean feeling.

  • Find equipment for renovations and upgrades too - If you're making any changes or upgrades to your space, you'll want to check here for important building standards, like bathroom signs for men's and women's bathrooms, a commercial soap dispenser featuring the latest industrial design, and various other supplies.

Order a towing dolly, or place bulk orders for wholesale cleaning supplies at business-friendly Promaco.

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