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Ironweed Film Club is your home for progressive films on DVD, bringing you astonishing stories that push the envelope of filmmaking. Join the Ironweed Film Club and join the film community that champions independent movies and filmmakers who tackle provocative subjects in their short films and documentaries on DVD - from the environment to politics and other compelling film topics.

  • Documentaries on DVD from Ironweed Film Club - Enjoy films that have a heart, a soul and a conscience with documentaries on DVD and short film features from the Ironweed Film Club library that explore themes of politics, social justice and responsibility, sustainability and community. The New York Times praises the Ironweed Film Club as "A monthly progressive film festival on DVD" with featured documentary DVDs that speak to those who strive to possess international, cultural and moral awareness, while working to make a difference in the world we live in.

  • Ironweed Film Club - If you're ready for enlightening documentaries on DVD to be delivered to your door, here is how the Ironweed Film Club works. Each month you'll receive a members only, one-of-a-kind DVD title that is yours to keep. Featuring thought-provoking progressive documentary DVD features and short films that are difficult to find in local video stores, you pay only $14.95 per month plus $2.95 for shipping which is less than you'd pay for a full-price DVD in stores. You can also explore the Ironweed E-Store collection for past volumes you might have missed with dozens of cinematic features available for purchase online.

  • Ironweed Film Club Community - Besides award-winning documentaries on DVD every month, the Ironweed Film Club also brings subscribers access to the Ironweed community. Inside you'll find a library, sounding board and virtual clubhouse for film lovers who love to discuss Ironweed films and DVDs, read and catch up on breaking film news, blog about their film experiences and share everything else they love about the art of film. As a member, you'll enjoy access to the E-Store and Ironweed community, plus Ironweed's e-newsletter filled with monthly film updates, special offers and more.
Since 2006, the Ironweed Film Club has served as the leading source of edgy, enlightening and thoroughly entertaining independent documentaries on DVD and short films that address the most provocative world topics and themes. Become a member today and join the progressive film movement that is growing day by day.

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