Cafe Lango Language Courses

Learn a new language fast & easy - Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian & more

Spanish for beginners, French for beginners, and a buffet of audio language courses that make mastering languages as easy as ordering from a cafe menu.

What's Inside:
  • Learn a New Language! - If only learning a new language could be as easy as sipping a warm cup of joe from your local cafe… Now it can be! Thanks to Cafe Lango, you can enjoy access to an international collection of audio programs that make it easy to grasp new languages and/or brush up on your own native tongue. From Spanish for beginners to Mandarin Chinese, German to Italian, choose from 250 courses in over 100 languages! From French for beginners on CD to audio cassettes and MP3s, mastering a new language is only a download away.

  • Spanish for Beginners and More - Learn Spanish, French, Italian and dozens of other languages, all at your own pace with an assortment of audio programs that have been proven to work. From Advanced Spanish to Italian for beginners who have yet to utter a single word, you'll be able to perfect your own pronunciation by listening to native speakers for a fully immersive language learning experience. Simply select your preferred language, then choose from quick phrase guides, starter sets, short courses or full-length courses. Whether you're tackling Chinese for beginners, Swedish or Russian, you'll find an A to Z selection of language courses to try including:

    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
    • Arabic
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • Hebrew
    • Greek and many, many more!

  • FSI Courses - Find exceptional language programs produced by the Foreign Service Institute of the United States State Department that were pioneered to help train many of the most respected ambassadors, diplomats, and government agents of our time. Become proficient at a new language within weeks with a variety of audio courses that range from Basic Spanish for beginners to German for beginners, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai and more.

  • Audio for Kids - Help your child master a new language with an entertaining library of audio programs for children. From Phrase-a-Day Spanish to Italian Vocabulary Cards, Everyday Russian for beginners to Sing a Long Language CDs, you'll find a classic selection of fun audio courses that will delight kids as they embrace a second language while giving them the appetite and desire to learn a third or even fourth.
From Native American language courses to Italian for beginners, Spanish learning CDs for little ones to adult FSI courses and Hebrew studies for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, Cafe Lango's new approach puts all the tools at your command. Whether you're traveling to an exotic destination, hoping to get back to your native roots, or yearning to become an accomplished linguist, Cafe Lango delivers the audio solutions you need to master the languages you've always wanted to learn, with ease and success.