Model Expo

Historic model ship kits, aircraft, cannon model kits, hobby tools and modeling supplies

Serving modelers since 1976, Model Expo is the largest ship model company in the United States. Turn to the masters of modeling for hundreds of historic wooden & metal model kits and hobby tools. You won't find a larger selection anywhere.

What's Inside:

Model ship kits - Want to try your hand at building a historic ship model? You've come to the right place! From the Bluenose to the USS Constitution, Model Expo offers the largest variety available anywhere. Radio control ship models are also available. Prices start as low as $59.99.

Model aircraft kits - If you aren't into model ship kits, Model Airways (a division of Model Expo) brings you museum quality World War I airplane kits. Their wood and metal bi-plane kits are highly detailed with prices starting at $99.99. You'll also find an impressive selection of Guillow’s and Dumas balsa as well as Lindberg, Airfix, Tamiya, Trumpeter, and Revell Monogram plastic model airplanes.

Model cannon kits - Model Expo features the Guns of History model cannon line with cannon models that are historically accurate, down to the last detail. These metal model cannon kits include all of the materials you'll need to build life-like scale replicas of the same cannons found on America’s Civil War battlefields, starting at $49.99.

Model old western transportation kits - Revisit history with the Model Trailways line, featuring historical models of old western transportation. From stagecoaches to buck and coffee wagons, these high quality model kits include all of the model building essentials with easy-to-follow plans included with every kit, starting at $169.99.

Model building tools - From tiny drills and files to specialized hand tools, from airbrushes and compressors to miniature lathes and precision power tools, Model Expo has it all. You’ll find all the tools a novice or professional modeler needs to turn out superbly crafted models.

Whether you’re a first time modeler or a pro, trust Model Expo for the best in wooden & metal ship models, aircraft, cannon and stagecoach models and the tools for building them.

Why build wooden model kits? A wooden ship model, aircraft, cannon or carriage model is more than an object of beauty. It’s your ticket to distant seas, far-away places and long-ago times. The cargo it carries is history, the battles fought, adventure and romance.

Engage your mind as well as your hands. Working with fine wood, realistically detailed metal fittings and cotton rigging evokes visions of the historic model ship, Charles W. Morgan sailing the oceans in search of the massive but elusive whale. Discover WWI and WWII aircraft models, cannons that exploded during the Civil War and stagecoaches that were from the Wild Wild West .

Top quality kits make museum quality models. From easy-to-build schooner model ships to elaborate frigates, World War I and 2 aircrafts to Civil War cannons and old Western modes of transport, Model Expo produces the finest and most historically accurate wooden model kits in the world. We use only the finest materials - premium woods, cotton rigging, turned brass components and precision-cast Britannia metal fittings. Laser cut wooden parts guarantee a perfect fit, making assembly fast and easy. Clear plans overlook no detail, and illustrated English instructions explain every step of construction.

Start modeling today… it’s easier than you think! Even if you’ve never built a model before, you can build a beautiful scale replica. Creating a ship model or any other featured historical model from Model Expo, will bring you countless hours of enjoyment. And, a museum quality model you’ll display with pride… a valuable keepsake to be treasured for many generations.