Ceramics and pottery making tools, wheels and supplies

Sculpt, mold, glaze and create with pottery and ceramic supplies and pottery studio equipment from the AMACO catalog.

What's Inside:

  • Clay, ceramic and pottery tools and equipment - Browse their catalog or website for tools used for pottery and ceramic projects of all kinds. Choose from scrapers, brushes, throwing ribs, knives, applicators, and dozens of other essential ceramic and clay tools for every step of your design.

  • Electric and foot-powered pottery wheels - You'll find the right size pottery wheel for your home or studio. Choose a foot-powered potter's wheel for maximum control, or buy an electric potters wheel for consistent, smooth turning without the exertion required by a kick-wheel. Brent and AMACO wheels bring you exceptional performance at an affordable price.

  • AMACO glazes - With over 500 ceramic glazes, underglazes, and overglazes to choose from, there's always the right finish for every project. All of their glazes are designed for firing ranges from Cone 022 to Cone 5, but many also perform well as cone 8, 9 and 10 glazes.

  • Glass, ceramic, enameling and pottery kiln choices - No matter what medium you're using, Excel and AMACO kilns should be first on your list. Their glass and ceramic kilns lead the industry in reliability, efficiency, quality and safety. Like their pottery wheels, tools and supplies, these kilns are designed for consistent performance in the home or studio setting.

  • Ceramic and modeling clay - From Friendly PlasticŪ and easy to use air dry clay to the finest clays and slips for ceramic sculpture and molds, AMACO is your complete resource for quality student, craft and artists clay. Their commitment to consistently high quality clays is something you won't find at an ordinary art supply store.

  • Molds, forms and bead rollers - Whether you choose an AMACO clay mold, a bead rolling tool, or a slip form, you'll know you're buying from a catalog that specializes in professional quality clay and ceramic supplies.

For a full selection of ceramic and pottery tools, from a Brent or AMACO potters wheel to a complete line of glazes, potters and clay artists can rely on the pros at AMACO.