Gotkeys Spiritwear

Spirit and cheer wear, unisex boxers and lounge wear pants

Let Gotkeys Spiritwear add sparkle to your dance team uniforms and comfort to your casual apparel.

What's Inside:
  • Cheerleading skorts - Pick your favorite colors in a versatile cheer skort. Their performance skorts are designed to wick away perspiration, keeping you cool and collected though all your routines.

  • Customized sparkle rhinestone shirts - Let your cheer squad or dance team stand from the crowd with dance team uniforms. Choose halter or polo style cheerleading shirts, , and custom printed or rhinestone tops for a great look on the practice field, in the gym, or on the road.

  • Lounge wear pants, jams and boxers - Relax and get comfortable in unisex pants, jams and boxers. Their popular tie dye prints, plaids and stripes are made of soft 100% European cotton - perfect for slumber parties, dorm rooms, or just hanging out at home.

  • T-shirts and sweats for all your days and nights - Get cozy in Gotkeys t-shirts, sweat shirts, tank tops and zipper sweats. Choose tops to coordinate with your lounge pants or boxers for the causal look you want day or night.

Gotkeys is women's sports apparel made by women for women. From rhinestone studded cheerleading shirts to boxers, lounge pants and skorts, they have the cheer, dance team and casual attire you need.