Science Kit Elementary

Hands on science tools and elementary science projects

Help young learners understand the world around them with kits, tools and supplies for elementary science projects. Browse their catalog for home school and science teacher supplies.

What's Inside:
  • Physics and chemistry lab equipment and supplies - Let Science Kit Elementary take science out of the textbook and into your students' hands with the lab supplies you need for all your elementary science activities. Their selection of chemicals, models, and simple machines make physics and chemistry for kids something to get excited about.

  • Forensic science kits and supplies - Let your students learn the basics of forensic science with project kits, science tools for sample collection, and forensic chemistry sets. Use them in the classroom, in your home school program, or as science fair experiments.

  • Biology for kids in the classroom - From microscopes to dissection equipment, to classification charts and bio-testing supplies, your students will love learning about the life sciences with science tools designed with eager minds and small hands in mind.

  • Elementary science projects for school science fairs - No matter what kind of science fair ideas you have, Science Kits Elementary has the science tools and supplies to make them happen. From biology projects to chemistry sets, they have the tools young scientists need.

Elementary science activities will become the highlight of your students' day when you chose lab equipment, science kits and supplies from Science Kit Elementary.