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Encyclopedia Britannica is the name most people think of when they think about encyclopedias. Those familiar volumes have been a fixture in American homes for generations. Give your family the gift of a trusted encyclopedia or other reference book, including:

  • The ultimate encyclopedias on DVD or CD ROM - Imagine getting three complete encyclopedias in one…an adult, student and elementary version.

    What's Inside:
    Add over 100,000 articles and more than 150,000 web links. That's what you find on the most complete set of digital encyclopedias and directories available.

  • Complete encyclopedia sets - From A to Z, there is always something new to learn when you open the encyclopedia. Each volume of these reliable sets contains carefully researched and verified knowledge you just won't find on a web site.

  • Bring history and science home - Exciting DVD collections bring the wonders of science or the pivotal events of the past into your living room. Each of these exceptional documentaries will entertain and educate -- the perfect gift for the family who wants to understand their world better.

  • Book of the Year - Get the stories behind the important events and influential people of the past year with a Britannica Book of the Year. These detailed volumes are a wonderful resource for history buffs, students, or anyone interested in understanding the stories behind the headlines.

  • Student dictionary, foreign language dictionaries, thesaurus and encyclopedia choices - Students from grade school through grad school will appreciate dictionaries and other reference books designed just for them. Whether they need a simple notebook dictionary, clear and concise math dictionaries, or a detailed literary dictionary, the right student dictionaries and encyclopedias are ready to order.

  • The very best children's dictionaries and encyclopedias for sale - Let kids learn to love learning early-on with friendly, easy-to-use children's encyclopedias. Or choose a kids dictionary or atlas - provide them with the tools for a brighter tomorrow by opening up their world to new knowledge today.

  • Unabridged Webster's dictionary - For the ultimate word tool, select an unabridged dictionary. Treat yourself or someone who loves the art of the word to the most complete resource for English word meanings and origins.

For generations, Encyclopedia Britannica has been the leader in reliable, complete encyclopedias and directories on a wide variety of subjects. The tradition continues today. Open up your world with the magic of information from Encyclopedia Britannica.