Courage To Change Catalog

Counseling activities and games for individual and group counseling

Helping children, teens and adults who are in need of guidance, Courage to Change catalog specializes in life's challenges, featuring the nation's leading selection of publications and merchandise designed for professionals and organizations that are helping others to help themselves. Find individual and group counseling activities, media, counseling games and other helpful tools that will help elicit the courage to change.

What's Inside:
  • Counseling activities for adults - The Courage to Change catalog is a one-stop shopping vehicle for busy professionals who don't always have the time to seek out these valuable resources one at a time. Find a variety of solo or group counseling activities and products geared towards adult issues, from counseling activities based on addiction and recovery to parenting resources including DVD's, workbooks and interactive activity cards that help adults prepare for a new beginning.

  • Solo and group counseling activities for kids & teens - Helping children, tweens and teens who are going through difficult times, the Courage to Change catalog brings counselors exciting and engaging solo and group counseling activities that will capture a child's attention and even help them have some fun through their healing. With counseling games and activities covering topics from bullying and violence prevention to family issues and divorce, you'll find materials on conflict resolution, self esteem, and more of the issues children are facing today.

  • Counseling games, books & videos - Pick a card, any card with the Courage to Change collection of counseling card games that address specific topics and can be played either alone or in conjunction with other counseling games. These group counseling activities prompt discussion amongst both children and adults in therapy, revealing the issues on their minds, reinforcing skills, and integrating learning. Ideal for counselors seeking innovative one-on-one or small group counseling activities and games, you'll also enjoy innovative books and videos that help evoke change!
Courage To Change offers a wide range of counseling, books, games, videos, and other solo or group counseling activities and resources that can be used in order to further self awareness, aid in therapy, or to be used as counseling tools by mental health professionals.