Learn while you sing along - personalized music and videos for pre-schoolers

Let make learning fun with their educational DVD or CD selections that combine your child's name with custom sing along songs for kids to create truly unique personalized gifts for kids.

What's Inside:

Teaches basic skills pre-schoolers need Each of their educational music DVD or CD creations teaches basic skills pre-schoolers need. They'll learn how to spell their name, stay safe around strangers, and count. They'll even learn their letters with new and personalized ABC songs.

Great gift ideas for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers These high-quality, custom made kids music videos and CD's make great personalized children's gifts for birthdays, holidays, or even the first day of pre-school. Or start a new addition off right with personalized kids music videos or music - they'll be learning from the very start.

Kids learn while they sing along Best of all, pre-schoolers and toddlers love the fun and cheerful kids music. They'll be learning each and every time they watch one of these kids educational videos, listen to the music or sing along with the personalized ABC songs.

There are many choices in personalized gifts for kids. Why not choose the one that teaches while it entertains? Let your kids learn while they sing with