Cedar Valley Publishing

PreK and Kindergarten essential skills -
- the fun way

Get your pre-k and kindergarten students on the right track with books that teach children essential pre-kindergarten skills and kindergarten level concepts that students will build on for years to come.

What's Inside:

New ideas in preschool and pre- kindergarten activities
Their Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten book introduces young readers to letters, basic phonics, shapes, colors, money and time. Use it at home as part of parent and child preschool activities, or incorporate it into the classroom as part of a preschool curriculum designed to teach and reinforce kindergarten readiness skills.

Each page of these colorful wipe off books introduces a new element of kindergarten school readiness. Your child or students will master letters and sounds through interactive pre kindergarten alphabet activities. Numbers and counting will come to life as they start from basic number recognition and then use those new skills in the money and time-telling sections.

Studies have shown that pre-kindergarten helps students to succeed in later years in school. Cedar Valley's fun and simple approach to ready-for-kindergarten alphabet activities, shape and color recognition, rhyming, matching, and counting lessons involve children in learning through play. And the sturdy write-on, wipe-off books encourage your child's independent learning.

Reinforce new skills with exciting kindergarten lessons
As children master new ideas and concepts through classroom kindergarten lessons, parents and teachers can reinforce things they've mastered and encourage children to apply their skills to new and more complex tasks. The Let's Get Ready for First Grade book uses the concepts typically found in kindergarten lesson plans and integrates them into activities and tasks that challenge students to take their knowledge to the next level.

Use them at home or in the classroom
Teachers and homeschooling families can use the activities in these books as a way to enrich their standard pre-k and kindergarten lesson plans. Parents can reinforce the school's program by doing the kindergarten alphabet activities, counting games, and other elements with their child at home. Or take them with you on errands and car trips to turning any wait into a learning opportunity.