Attainment Company IEP Resources

Life skills curriculum and coaching for people facing cognitive challenges

Give your cognitively challenged students or clients the skills they need with innovative life skills activities and special education resources.

What's Inside:
  • Tools for a functional life skills curriculum - Let the Attainment Company take some of the challenge out of creating an effective life skills curriculum, with their collection of life skills coaching manuals, interactive learning tools, and activities.

  • Special education activities and material - When you're creating new lesson plans for special education students, check out the materials and interactive learning tools in the Attainment catalog. From math manipulatives to literacy support, they have interactive tools to complement your special education lessons.

  • Excellent as homeschooling resources for special needs kids - Each of their special education lessons and tutorials can be used in a homeschool setting to create a life skills coaching program. Whether you are dealing with brain injury, organic disease, or autism, products that address the cognitive challenges effectively will enrich your student's life.

  • Resources for family dealing with Alzheimer's - When beloved elders are facing Alzheimer's, there are tools family members and therapists can use to slow down memory loss and restore some of their missing life skills. The Attainment Company can show you how.

From lesson plans, life skills coaching tools and alternative communication devices to cognitive development games, let the Attainment Company help make life a little easier and a lot brighter for those you teach.