Boys Town Press

Resources for parents, teachers and child care professionals

Books, videos, audiotapes, posters and booklets for parents, educators and professionals who work with youth and families.

What's Inside:
  • Social skills activities -- Improve classroom behavior and encourage healthy interactions with peers, parents and teachers with material design to teach positive social skills. Help the children in your home or classroom develop the skills they need through Boys Town’s innovative classroom and parenting lesson plans, books and other materials designed to teach through experience and practical application of learning theories.

  • Parenting help -- Whether you are parenting teenagers or toddlers, they have gathered materials to provide solid parenting advice for every stage of life. From social skills training and adolescence to the basics of caring for your newborn, they have the information every parent needs.

  • Conflict resolution and bullying prevention -- Stop bullying at school with the help of their expertly designed educational materials and social skills exercises created to help children see the dangers in bullying and develop alternative methods for dealing with conflict.

  • Effective classroom management tools --
  • Develop a sound classroom management plan with the help of their selection of books and materials based upon years of secondary and elementary classroom management research and experience. Use the materials in conjunction with your own experience to create a personal philosophy of classroom management that works for your unique classroom setting.

  • Teaching strategies in special education -- Meet the needs of challenged or difficult children with the information Boys Town Press has gathered from proven youth care, parenting and educational Girls and Boys Town programs across the country. Each book in the collection has been selected for its solid long-term value for parents and teachers who work with special needs children at home or in the classroom.

  • Character education lesson plans -- Teach children about managing anger and conflict in a positive way with their materials designed to help teachers, homeschool families and parents develop effective character education lesson plans. Choose books and ready-made activities and worksheets to instill problem-solving skills that will last a lifetime.

Unlike so many teacher stores that simply sell books and materials, Boys Town Press offers parents and teachers materials that have been tested in schools and educational programs across the country. Their selection of teaching materials and parenting help books are hand selected for their quality advice and sound teaching practices. From materials for developing a new classroom management plan to family meeting planners, you can trust the Boys Town Press with your children's education.