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Sax Arts and Crafts supplies

Stock up on Sax Arts and Crafts supplies for artists of all ages, from paints and brushes to paper, sculpture tools, ceramics and more educational art supplies.

What's Inside:

Sax Arts and Crafts - Sax Arts is "Your Best Total Value for Arts and Craft Supplies", where you will discover a rainbow of art and craft supplies for all of your art education classrooms. From Art 101 for beginners to Pre-K or intermediate art classes, you'll find an extensive selection of tools and equipment that will help your students create an endless supply of artistic masterpieces. From Crayola crayons, colored pencils, markers and paints, to clay, dough, drawing, ceramic and sculpting supplies, you'll find Sax Arts and Crafts materials that will help your budding artists produce an array of exceptional creations throughout the school year.


Sax Arts painting supplies - Trust Sax Arts and Crafts supplies to have every brushstroke covered, from acrylics, oil based paints, watercolors and specialty pigments to basic finger paint and face paint for primary school artists. Browse Sax Art Supply for a full palette of paints featuring every color on the color wheel, as well as a collection of must-have art accessories including art easels, brushes, palettes, canvas, aprons, cleaners and more helpful studio aids and school art supplies.


Art paper and boards - Leave it to Sax Art supplies to provide your art students with everything they need to put pen, paint or pencil to paper with a wide range of paper art and craft supplies including construction paper, tracing paper, charcoal, pastel and colored paper, poster boards, drawing/sketching pads, and more specialty paper products that can be ordered in School Specialty's Sax Art store catalog, or at Sax Arts and Crafts online.


Sculpting and ceramic supplies - Sax Arts and Crafts will cover all of your educational arts needs with an arsenal of arts and crafts supplies that will unleash imaginations while opening the door to an assortment of art projects and activities. Browse their art supply catalog to find a number of essential tools for sculpting and ceramic making with clay tools, modeling supplies, potter's wheels, kilns, glazes and more.

Whether they're painters, portrait artists, sculptors, or still learning to color inside the lines, you'll find premium supplies from paint tubes, cutting tools, paper art and craft supplies, to adhesives, easels and places to organize and store it all. When it comes to shopping for educational art supplies, Sax Arts and Crafts stores brings students and teachers a state of the art selection.