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Teaching kids nutrition - Teach nutrition to kids and children the fun way

Nasco Nutrition catalog is helping health teachers across the country when it comes to teaching kids nutrition strategies and exercise plans. From the four food groups to weight management and diabetes, Nasco helps put kids on the road to maintaining a healthy weight and diet.

  • Teaching kids nutrition - Health nutrition education is a vital subject in today's health curriculum. With child obesity numbers on the rise, Nasco understands how important it is to give children a head start on learning the basics of proper nutrition. Teaching nutrition to children and the differences between healthy eating habits and unsafe dieting are lessons that will last them a lifetime.

  • Nutrition teaching aids - When teaching nutrition to kids, the entertainment factor is always a plus. Find nutrition teaching tools that will keep them captivated and entertained with fun food pyramids, food card games, Life/form Replicas and trivia games, not to mention Portion and Calorie Control Bingo!

  • Diabetes nutrition - Besides teaching nutrition to kids, Nasco Nutrition offers a variety of products to educate children on the facts about diabetes. Choose from diabetic cookbooks, diabetes education kits, diabetic guides and a catalog filled with even more diabetes nutrition information that will help children whether they have diabetes or are living with a diabetic loved one.

  • Weight management - With Nasco Nutrition's books, DVD's and software, students will learn how to maintain a healthy weight while learning the value of exercise with fun exercise balls, exercise cubes, and other forms of weight management equipment that will keep them up, active and moving!
Teaching kids nutrition can be an exciting process for both teacher and student! With nutrition education tools that help kids learn about their bodies and what they need to function properly, Nasco Nutrition knows that there is no greater reward than giving a child the gift of good health.

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