Heartland Steaks

Certified Angus Beef Porter House Steak, Top Sirloin and Filet Mignon Steak

Heartland Steaks brings you a mouth-watering menu of gourmet steaks from T-Bone and porter house steaks to steak and seafood and more delicious, juicy and tender steak gifts.

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What's Inside:

T-Bone and porter house steak - When it comes to gourmet steak dinners, Heartland Steaks delivers a premium selection of choice cuts that are tender, flavorful and painsteakingly delicious. Choose from Certified Angus Beef porter house steak and T-Bone steak as well as USDA Choice T-Bone and porter house steaks that are guaranteed fresh, from the farm to your table.


top sirloin steak - Treat yourself to tantalizing top sirloin steak from Heartland Steaks for a meal that will not be soon forgotten. Cut from the center of the sirloin, Heartland's top sirloin steak is lean, firm and bursting with flavor in every bite. Whether you cut into a tender slice of top sirloin or a satisfying 20 oz porter house steak, your taste buds are in store for an appetizing meal that is always well done.


Pork, lamb, poultry and seafood - Heartland Steaks brings you more than just the finest cuts of red meat available, they also bring you a full range of entrees that are every bit as delicious as their succulent steaks. Order from a menu of boneless pork chops and ham, lamp chops or rack of lamb, boneless chicken breast and whole smoked turkey, shrimp scampi, stuffed mahi mahi and filet mignon steak and lobster tail for a Surf and Turf feast!


Steak cetera - From flavorful skirt steaks to ribeye steaks, juicy steak burgers to boneless strip steaks, beef brisket, T-Bone steak and porter house steaks, Heartland Steaks is proud to serve practically every steak in the cookbook. Delight in popular steak and seafood combinations plus cookout collections that are perfect for grilling for the masses and savory steak assortments and variety packs to mix up your weekly steak routine.


Steak of the Month Club - If you want to give a steak gift that will be savored year round, gift them with a membership to Heartland Steaks' Monthly Steak Club! Choose from 3, 6 or 12 steak of the month club plans and Heartland Steaks will send an announcement with your personalized greeting, as well as a complete list of the steak gifts that your gift recipient can look forward to sinking their teeth into!

From 8 or 10 oz top sirloin steak to generous 20 oz porter house steaks that can tackle even the biggest appetite, when you're in the market for a divine rare treat, Heartland Steaks is devoted to providing you and your family with the highest quality of meats available.