Viatek Consumer Products

Gadgets and cool gifts for men and women

When it comes to shopping for gadget gifts and innovative home products, Viatek Consumer Products is the only gadget store to turn to. There's something for everyone at Viatek, from gadgets for men to airbrush tan products for women.

  • Gadgets for men - Guys love things that are battery powered. They love LED gadgets that aren't battery powered even more! Find a huge selection of electronic gadgets for men from a new Motorola cell phone charger to an electric sonic care toothbrush.

    What's Inside:
    Whether he's into personal massagers, speakers, flashlights or bug zappers, you'll find something he won't want to put down at Viatek.

  • LED gadgets - It's happened to us all. You're stuck in a blackout and your flashlight dies. The folks at Viatek know the importance of a no battery flashlight. Find cool LED accessories from LED lanterns and Mini Dynamo LED flashlights to supreme LED flashlight and radio combinations. Whether you've lost power or find yourself changing a flat tire, leave it to Viatek to make sure you're always prepared for bad weather.

  • Spa products - Beyond just a gadget store, Viatek offers decadent spa products that will leave you feeling relaxed and totally refreshed. Forget baking in the sun, UV rays are dangerous. Forgo the beaches and tanning salons and stock up on airbrush tan products that will give you that perfect, streakless California airbrush tan. Then help yourself to an ionic foot spa that will feel better than a salon pedicure. After you've detoxed with your foot detox spa, treat the rest of your body and detoxify with body wraps to lose inches. Who needs the gym when you can drop pounds with a new weight loss body wrap?

  • Pet products - Gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for Sparky too! Find state of the art pet training products like Bark Stop, which ends troublesome barking forever! It's perfect for mailmen and joggers, and can even quiet the neighbor's unruly dog! Longing for a shed ender to get rid of all that ever growing dog hair? Say goodbye to shedding problems with an ionic pet brush that works on both cats and dogs to stop shedding forever.
Viatek Consumer Products is the gadget shop committed to bringing you the newest bestselling gadgets for men and women. Whether it's a gift for your home, someone else's home, or the family dog, you'll be glad you chose Viatek.