Metal detectors and GPS units for treasure hunting and prospecting

Enjoy the fun and excitement of treasure hunting with the best rated metal detectors and GPS tracking devices for all kinds of treasure seeking.

What's Inside:

Jewelry hunting -- Combine relaxing beach combing and metal detecting with the best metal detectors for separating real finds from metal trash. Check out the easy to use ID Edge Fisher metal detector, or a Tesoro metal detector specially designed metal detectors for treasure hunting in the surf and waves.


Gold prospecting -- It's estimated that over 90% of the gold on earth is still in the ground. Find your share with a metal detector that finds even the smallest gold nuggets. Choose a Gold Digger Bounty Hunter metal detector, a Scorpion Gold Stinger Garret metal detector, or one of the Gold Bug 2 Fisher metal detectors and start your search today.


Relic hunting -- Dig up a piece of history with the best rated metal detectors on land or underwater. The Excalibur Minelab metal detectors work on dry ground or at depths of up to 200 feet, while the professional-grade yet affordable Land Ranger Bounty Hunter metal detector gives you reliable dry land detecting with an easy to read LED display.


Garmin GPS systems - Find locations from a map or coordinates, or record the locations of your finds with a Garmin GPS system. A handheld GPS tracking device allows you to accurately and quickly record your location, elevation and even near-by landmarks for easier return. Upload maps to make locating known sites faster and more reliable.


Whether you want to try metal detecting at the beach on your next vacation, or are looking for Garret, Minelab, Bounty Hunter, or Fisher metal detectors for professional treasure hunting, has the metal detectors for sale to make your search easy and productive.