Grow fresh herbs and vegetables in an indoor herb garden, all year-round with Aerogrow

The AeroGarden® from AeroGrow lets you grow fresh, tasty produce right on your kitchen counter. The catalog is packed with over 50 incredible indoor gardening products. Start your own herb garden, salad garden or other plants quickly and easily with:

  • Complete hydroponic kits - Kitchen hydroponics have never been so easy. AeroGrow aeroponic gardens give you everything you need for successful gardening at home.

    What's Inside:
    Each AeroGarden kit has everything you need to get started, including Plug & Grow Pods, nutrients and grow lights. Just add water and watch your garden grow.

  • Indoor herb garden seed kits - Use your AeroGarden to grow an indoor herb garden, vegetable garden, salad garden, or flowers. Choose the seed kit you want for a complete, ready-to-grow garden. The AeroGarden lets you enjoy fresh produce year round without messy soil or complicated lighting.

  • Accessories for your AeroGrow hydroponic kits - From cookbooks to replacement grow bulbs, you'll find the accessories you need to keep your AeroGarden producing wonderful meals all year long.

The AeroGarden allows you to grow fresh produce in a small space, regardless of the season. No more messy pots of dirt spilling on your windowsills or complicated watering and feeding schedules. Everything you need to grow indoor herb gardens, veggies or flowers is in the AeroGarden kit. Order your AeroGrow system today, and start enjoying fresh produce from your kitchen in no time.