Garden Tools By Lee Valley Tools

Tools and supplies for successful gardening

If you are looking for high quality tools to work in the garden, home greenhouse or floral shop, Lee Valley is the place for you. They sell supplies for everything from successful houseplant propagation and vegetable container gardening to natural pest and weed control. Build a home irrigation system or buy a simple, sturdy steel garden hose reel. They guarantee their products too!

What's Inside:

They provide gardening tools and supplies forů

  • Plant Propagation Supplies & Climate Control - Whether it's houseplant propagation or growing an Aspen tree, Lee Valley has the essentials for propagation and climate control. Find the right propagation mat, a new garden seed planter, or install a frost-resistant garden row cover. They even offer seed planting tips.

  • Container Home Gardening - Lee Valley's growing selection of container-gardening accessories for the home include stacking planters, self-watering pots, ceramic garden pots, kits for raised beds, liners, and more.

  • Pruning Supplies - Lee Valley offers over 40 different kinds of pruning tools, from long handle pruners to general-duty pruners and specialty shears. They also sell loppers and saws for pruning apple trees.

  • Outdoor Planting & Garden Digging Tools - Lee Valley carries a large assortment of short- and long-handled digging, transplanting and garden weeding tools, including complete garden trowel sets, cultivators and spades.

  • Composting Supplies - Find both indoor and outdoor composting supplies like collection pails and biodegradable bags,aerators and books on the topic.

  • Plant Labels, Stakes and Markers - Plant label stakes and markers help you keep track of what's in your garden and Lee Valley offers over a dozen styles including plant ties, netting and trellis patterns so you can build your own trellis.

  • Watering Systems & Home Irrigation - Lee Valley has the supplies you need to build watering systems for greenhouse plants, home garden or yard. They have a range of different irrigation items for your home garden from nozzles and wands to metal watering cans and automatic valves.

  • Lawn Care & Reel Mowers - To keep your lawn looking its best Lee Valley carries quiet walk behind reel mowers, shears and more.

  • All Natural Weed Control & Pest Control - Keep weeds and pests under control the natural way without harming the environment with organic weed and pest control products.
Lee Valley's catalog also has a great selection of other items for your home and garden. Lawn bowl games to garden clothing to storage items for your home. It's the catalog for all natural gardeners.