Gardeners' Collection

Vegetable plants, fruit trees, flowers, roses, ground cover and vines

Plant your garden with guaranteed to grow plants and seedlings from Gardeners Collection to cultivate a bountiful and vibrant garden of vegetables, roses and ornamental shrubs.

What's Inside:
  • Vegetable Plants and Vegetables - When planning your plants, flowers and trees, start with what you want to grow in your vegetable garden. At Gardeners Collection you will find plants that grow small or large, from the Ghost Chili Pepper in a Can to a their specialty Giant Tree Tomato. They deliver tomato plants, vegetable seedlings and all your favorite kitchen vegetables like bell peppers, squash, eggplant and cabbage that will create a bounty for your enjoyment all summer long.

  • Fruit Plants and Nut Trees - Grow your garden to the next level with fruit plants and fruit bearing trees. You will love their selection of specialty fruit bushes like Giant Climbing Strawberries, thornless blackberry plants, 5 foot cherry trees, boysenberries and raspberry bushes. Gardeners Collection has regular Concord grape plants and black Muscatine grapes for the adventuresome gardener. Decide what you want to harvest for baking, jams and jellies and plant the fruit trees and nut trees so that you will have a crop of filberts, walnuts, and almonds or plums, apples and persimmons.

  • Roses, Peonies and Other Flowers - You will be in awe of the selection of roses at Gardeners Collection with varieties that grow on bushes, climbing specimens and tree roses. The array of colors is as enticing as their names: Angel Face Tree Rose, American Rose Pink Rose, Carefree Sunshine Rose and Bolero Tree Rose. Their roses arrive guaranteed for your USDA growing zone and are shipped to you at the right time for planting.

  • Shade Trees, Bushes and Shrubs - They have shade trees and beautiful ornamental trees at affordable prices. Whether you select the Autumn Flowering Cherry tree or an American Red Cedar, these trees will make the right statement as part of your landscape design. Every gardener knows that well placed bushes and shrubs accent both the home and other planting beds. Don't forget the final touch among the plants, flowers and trees, with ground cover, pampas grass and vines to attract hummingbirds, useful insects while adding dimension.
At Gardeners Collection you will also find gardening accessories that will help you tend your plants and keep weeds and pests at bay. They have bird netting, soil test kits, tree wrap, fertilizer sprays and watering spikes to keep your garden healthy for a productive growing season.