Rent Mother Nature

Rent a bit of nature for farm fresh goods without owning the farm

Now you don't have to live on a farm to enjoy farm fresh products. Support sustainable agriculture and organic food production with Rent Mother Nature's innovative subscription farming program.

What's Inside:
  1. Choose which farm product you would like to rent -- a fruit tree, a sheep's wool or one of their other choices.
  2. Receive a beautiful certificate, suitable for framing describing the item you've rented for the season
  3. Follow your crop with entertaining progress reports and information about the type of produce or gift you've ordered. You can also choose an optional "action photo" of your growing tree, sheep, or other rented piece of nature.
  4. After the harvest, Rent Mother Nature will ship the fruits of your harvest directly from the farm to your door
Choose your piece of the farm, including :
  • Fresh fruits and nuts from your very own tree - Imagine fresh, delicious apples, peaches, tangerines and nuts harvested and sent to you from your very own tree. Rent Mother Nature lets you order delicious natural and organic foods online and support small family farms and eco organic farming at the same time.

  • Blankets made from your own sheep's wool - Rent a sheep through Rent Mother Nature's subscription farming program and they'll use the wool to weave a virgin wool blanket, free from dyes, additives or chemicals. Their natural and organic farm shop means that your blanket will be as soft and pure as nature intended…perfect for a new baby or as a unique wedding gift.

  • The incomparable taste of true wild rice - Let the members of the Ojibwe Lake Reservation Tribal Council harvest uncultivated wild rice for you when you buy a wild rice lease. As with the rest of their natural and organic food delivery options, you (or the lucky recipient) will receive a certificate of lease and regular updates about the crop. At the end of the season, the freshly harvested rice will be sent from the farm to your door.

  • Sweet, plump medjool dates - The date is the most frequently mentioned fruit in the Bible and the Qur'an. Enjoy an exceptionally sweet crop of this prophetic fruit when you rent a share of the medjool date harvest from a California date palm farm. Choose a branch or full tree lease for your share of the late October harvest.

  • Delicious ocean fresh foods - Whether you rent a lobster trap for your share of the catch, or order an authentic Down East clam bake or fresh lobster dinner, you'll enjoy the taste of New England delivered to your doorstep.

  • Overflowing gift baskets - Send a gift basket for a special occasion, holiday or just because. Browse through their selection of baskets filled with natural and organic foods online or in their catalog. From a bountiful blueberry basket to the abundantly filled New England Celebration Hamper, each gift basket is filled with the finest New England treats available. Choose a basket of their wholesome natural or organic mail order foods for a special friend, or as the ideal corporate gift.

There are many places to order natural and organic foods online, but only Rent Mother Nature lets you enjoy the fruits of your own trees and farm animals, even if you live hundreds of miles from the nearest farm.

Make sustainable agriculture a reality for dozens of small farmers, and treat yourself to fresh, healthy natural and organic mail order foods from your very own piece of the farm.