Be green with reusable products for your kitchen & home

Reusable items and eco-friendly products, from reusable bags and bottles to lunch, household items and beyond.

What's Inside:
  • Best reusable items - is the online source for eco-friendly individuals who are over mindless over-consumption, featuring a wide selection of reusable items that make life easier and greener. From the best reusable water bottles to lunch bags and activist gear, reuseit makes it possible to replace plastic bags, bottles and other disposable items that are used and tossed every day, with practical items that will help save money, reduce carbon footprints, and spread awareness by promoting and supporting the earth-friendly reusable movement.

  • Reusable Lunch Bags - Say goodbye to brown bagging it and hello to waste-free lunchtime with reusable items that will make a difference during every lunch break. Stock up on reusable sandwich bags, lunch bags, lunch boxes, snack bags and utensils that are smart, safe, colorful and kid-friendly. Help reduce the colossal trash heaps that litter landfills every year, simply by packing a proper lunch that will save time, dollars and our natural resources.

  • Reusable Bags & Totes - Shop with eco ease whether you're hitting the mall or the market, with handy reusable bags, totes, shopping baskets and produce bags that are available in hundreds of different sustainable styles, materials and colors. Choose from space-saving compact bags that fold down to fit in the palm of a hand, shopping bag sets, string bags, foldable baskets and more reusable items that will make every shopping trip a personal advancement in environmental living.

  • Reusable Bottles & More - Lose the paper cups and plastic bottles for good. Make a statement by sipping your beverages out of reusable travel mugs, cups, flasks and the best reusable water bottles that protect our planet from the most prevalent source of pollution found on our beaches. You'll also find insulated bottle sleeves and bags, reusable caps, and all-natural water additives and filters that produce fresh tasting, healthy water, sip after sip.

  • Home - Discover reusable items for your home base with a selection of hand-picked and high-quality solutions that can help reduce the need for paper towels, dryer sheets, gift wrap, plastic trash bags and more. Eliminate the dirty work by investing in reusable cleaning and laundry supplies, maintain your good hygiene with green personal care items, and explore even more reusable products that make an ecological impact with every use.

  • Kitchen - Extend your food and waste-saving strategies beyond the lunchroom with reusable items for the kitchen that will help eliminate waste while preserving food longer, after every meal. Find an assortment of food savers and storage solutions, reusable napkins, paper towels and tableware, steel straws, reusable travel mugs and reusable products that make it possible to prepare certain foods and beverages at home, for the ultimate sustainable lifestyle.
From reusable bags to water bottles, cleaning to laundry and storage supplies, helps you live greener and live simpler with the best of the best reusable products that will make a difference not only in our lives, but in our children's lives and their children's lives, for generations to come.