Air purifiers and cleaner water from EcoQuest for healthy living

The air we breather isn't as clean as it once was. EcoQuest International has a mission. To purify the air of and water every American home. Take the step towards cleaner air and water with an EcoQuest air purifier, home air filter or water purification system to experience pure air, pure water and pure genius.

  • EcoQuest air purifier - Enjoy a breath of fresh air with EcoQuest Fresh Air air purifiers that are proven to reduce 99.

    What's Inside:
    9% of mold and bacteria on surfaces in as little as two hours while eliminating smoke and odors. Choose from the ecobox, Fresh Air Focus, Fresh Air Buddy, Fresh Air to Go, and other technologically advanced Fresh Air by EcoQuest air purifiers for a healthier, happier living space.

  • Home air filter - Passive filters wait around for pollution. Find plenty of air gear to keep that fresh air circulating with a selection of EcoQuest filters for EcoQuest systems! Find washable prefilters for the Gemini air purification systems that remove pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, dust and other nasty pollutants. With an air cleaner filter from EcoQuest, you can help your unit stay cleaner longer.

  • Home humidifier - For the best humidifier on the market, try the PurSonic Mister house humidifier from EcoQuest- a cool mist humidifier with the unique power of active oxygen. Create a clean, fresh and overall healthier air environment in your home all year round by replacing moisture taken away by HVAC systems, furnaces and dry weather. Add moisture to the air in any room while preventing mold, mildew, bacteria, dry skin, all while saving energy!

  • EcoQuest Living Water - For a tall drink of water, try EcoQuest's Living Water purification technologies that use natural principles to deliver delicious tasting, refreshing water to your home for pennies on the dollar compared to bottled water. From counter-top to whole-home systems, the Living Water line from EcoQuest provides convenient, exceptional quality water to your home.

The best gift you can give you family is the gift of purer air and water. From home air purifiers to air conditioner filters and other innovative, breathe easy products. Make your home a healthier living environment for your children to grow up in with the EcoQuest collection. A Healthy Quest is an Eco Quest.