The art and culture of Africa

For over 34 years, African Art has been importing the finest examples of African art and culture including:

  • African masks -- Ceremonial and decorative African face masks from around the continent add an exotic feel to any room in your home. Whether you’re designing a complete African décor, or just adding a well-traveled feel to a few rooms, the beautiful design of these African masks makes a welcome addition to any room.

    What's Inside:

  • African drums and instruments -- Drumming continues to grow in popularity, and African tribal drums are always a favorite among both experienced and novice drummers. Choose one of the dozens of designs in their djembe drum collection, or select some of their other African percussion instruments for your collection.

  • Unique art sculptures and African artifacts – Home decorators, armchair travelers, and collectors alike will appreciate African Art’s selection of tribal arts, including figurative sculptures, statues, Ebony carvings and other collectibles featuring the techniques of ancient African art. Carved walking sticks and wall ornaments created using traditional African materials combine modern subjects with traditional techniques for a refreshing blend of the two cultures. Or select from their collection of outstanding traditional Southern African weaves and baskets, considered by many to be some of the finest examples available today.

  • Folk art dolls -- Dolls representing tribal groups and cultures are among the most popular regional and South African gifts. Perfect for families who wish to celebrate their heritage or explore a new culture, these dolls celebrate the unique aspects of each region and tribal group through dress and design.

  • African clothing and textiles -- Hats, caftans, scarves and other clothing and accessories are a favorite choice for anyone wishing to celebrate Africa and its culture. Choose a popular Juju or Zulu hat, a soft and flowing caftan, or one of their other handmade African creations. Whether you wear them or use them as an element of an African home décor, you will love the soft textures and rich colors so typical of fine African textiles.

Whether you’re exploring your heritage, decorating a home or just adding a touch of Africa to your home or wardrobe, they have the African masks, African drums, and other tribal, regional and modern African collectibles you’ll love. And to make your choices even better, their permanent discount program makes their African art even more affordable, offering you up to a 20% discount on the list price of ALL of their art.

All across the country, African collectibles, decor items, furnishing and clothing are in featured in shops and galleries, but so often those so-called African products are actually knock-offs from other countries. Let the import experts from Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar, Tanzania, Congo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal, Nigeria and Southern Africa provide you with the finest in authentic gifts and African décor. From Africa to you, from African Art.