Journey to Africa with these African gifts, pottery, art, masks and exquisite home decor

Transform your home into a safari of ethnic African home decor with bluedango, the home decor catalog that is your one stop destination for handcrafted home accents and contemporary furnishings from the most exotic locales. From traditional African pottery to tribal masks, you'll find an exceptional selection of uncommon treasures that will make unique centerpieces for your home.

What's Inside:
  • African pottery - When it comes to one of a kind African decor pieces, bluedango has an amazing selection of African pottery pieces that are as functional as they are handsome. Their collection of rustic handcrafted pottery features pieces by artisans working with established fair trade producers. Choose from traditional vases, planters or pots that make a bold and beautiful design statement.

  • African baskets - Baskets are a great way to add visual interest to your home either for storage, serving, or decorative purposes. Find an intricate hand woven basket or elaborately adorned beaded baskets that will add an effortless element of style to your living room.

  • African tribal masks - Find a collection of African tribal masks that will add a touch of sophistication whether showcased on your wall or centered on your coffee table. An African tribal mask makes a dramatic wall display with a powerful streak and an intriguing history. In ancient Africa, spiritual African masks were sometimes worn in ceremonial war dances. As well as a great conversation starter, allow a tribal mask from bluedango to protect your home while warding off evil spirits.

  • Home accents - From luxurious suede rugs, to exquisite hand carved vases, trays and wall hangings, your home will never look better once you've invited bluedango inside. Whether you need a set of traditional wood bowls, a set of African pottery, wood carvings, or a hand woven basket to store magazines in or take out on your next picnic, you'll find an incredible variety of gorgeous home accents to warm every corner of your home.
For style, sophistication and unique home items, count on bluedango to fill your home with history from afar.