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Bacon Lover Gift Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 25, 2014
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bacon lover giftsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Seems like everyone in the world is eager to get their hands on the goods in every form possible.

Of course, by “goods” we do mean bacon. It’s no longer just for pancakes! Dip it in chocolate, sprinkle some on your ice cream and share the tastiness with fellow aficionados.

These top ten bacon lover gift ideas will make some special eater very happy.

10. Candy


The saltiness of this much loved meat is a perfect contrast to the sweetness of candy. So why not enjoy the dreamy combination as a two-in-one? Bacon candy comes in every shape from chewy jelly beans to hard ones you savor over time. Add a bag to any gift basket or surprise your sweetie just for the fun of it.

9. Lip balm

Lip balm

With this, chapped lips will be a thing of the past. Plus there are several benefits of wearing meat flavored lip balm. You’re giving your recipient the gift of around-the-clock joy, for one. You’re also giving them an easy out when vegan buddies come around asking to borrow some balm.

8. Cheese


Not just any ordinary cheese, mind you – that they can get themselves. But few happen to have a wedge of bread cheese with smoked meat, or soft spreadable cheese with the savory wow factor of bacon. This is the perfect kind of cheese for a picnic alongside some wine, crackers and chocolate.

7. Soap


What bathroom is complete without a hefty bar of bacon soap? None. This may ruin your friend for all other soaps. They may permanently smell like the world’s best diner. You’ll have to stand down wind to avoid catching a whiff and likewise a breakfast craving. But they’ll love you forever.

6. Panties


You read correctly. Bacon-themed boxers or lacy lady things are truly the way to go if you’re looking for bacon lover gift ideas. Get them for yourself and employ a little foodie seduction. It’s probably a good idea to have some of the real stuff on hand too as looking at you will induce an appetite.

5. Gift basket

Gift basket

Whether you’re shopping for someone who really loves smoked meat or perhaps creating a special food gift basket for a birthday or holiday, you can’t go wrong when bacon is the star. Get it woven into handmade sausage, cut into thick slabs or on a party pack layered with cheeses.

4. Toothpaste


Why would someone want this? Why not? As long as they don’t expect to actually clean their teeth with it, getting a tube of a meat-flavored hygiene product is like a childhood dream come true. Next up: ice cream shampoo.

3. Life-sized buddy

Life-sized buddy

Have you ever noticed your dear friend talking to his meat? Don’t judge. Embrace the part of him that enjoys the companionship of a good cut of breakfast meat. A life-sized bacon pal is about the size of a large dog with none of the accompanying responsibilities – no feeding or walking. It can also be strapped down in the passenger seat should he need to speed his ride in the car pool lane.

2. Good frying pan

Good frying pan

If they don’t have a griddle, sturdy cookware is one of the most practical and long-lasting bacon lover gift ideas, ideally a wide, flat frying pan. A large size is perfect so they have the option of frying up the good stuff for many people at once. Cast iron pans are a favorite of many home cooks, but there’s a wide variety to choose from. Those concerned about health may like the kind with raised ridges that separate the fat from the meat.

1. Nothing beats the real thing

Nothing beats the real thing

When it’s smoked meat you’re looking for, nothing else should do. Treat a friend to premium slabs of bacon cured in fine slices. If they don’t like to cook, break open the package and wake her up to that intoxicating smell of a few pieces sizzling.

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