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Best Kids’ Ride On Toys

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 25, 2015
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ride on toysby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Kids love zipping around on their own set of wheels.

Luckily for parents, these tiny child-powered vehicles are safe and durable whether they’re ridden around the downstairs or the back yard.

Here we have the best ride on toys for kids of all ages.

10. Foot to floor

Foot to floor

Toddlers get a kick out of the freedom and seeming independence of pushing themselves around in their very own vehicle. Foot to floor riding toys for toddlers let them explore the world around them at their own pace. Sturdy and durable, they’re safe and drive smoothly both out and indoors.

9. Battery-powered


If sleek, high performance vehicles are your child’s thing, battery-powered four wheelers will probably please them. Some are made for higher speeds, so be sure to choose one that suits your kid’s age. As long as you have the space to park it, why not power them up with a Hummer or Jeep? If you’re good, maybe they’ll give you a ride.

8. Three-wheelers


Here’s another timeless ride many parents likely drove in their day. Three-wheelers with two small back wheels and one large front wheel put riders low to the ground with easy steering and pedals. Adjustable seats ensure they can continue to ride as they grow. The sturdiness allows for faster speeds children crave without sacrificing safety.

7. Trucks


Ride on toy trucks and push carts are low to the floor so they’re as sturdy as a vehicle driven by a toddler can get. With basic steering to help them develop coordination, these are among the best ride on toys for kids. Designs range from pick-up trucks and fire engines to lions, horses and other popular animals.

6. Scooters


One of the top toys kids love, scooters keep the most energetic kids on the go. They’re easy to master and make getting around more fun. Whether they ride on two or three wheels, a scooter helps kids get plenty of exercise outside. Adjust the handle bars to their height and make sure they wear a helmet at all times.

5. Choo choo trailer style

Choo choo trailer style

Piggy back and shoulder top rides get kids accustomed to hitching a ride on bigger people who don’t tire quite so abruptly. Choo choo trailer-style wagons make it easy for parents to pull along a train of multiple kids. Meanwhile they get to relax in comfort, read and enjoy a snack.

4. Motorcycle


Beep. Beep. From the snack bar to napping zone, little ones have places to go. A foot-powered motorcycle is just the thing to get them there while kicking their imaginations into high gear. Four wheels provide stability so they can race you when you walk the dog. Ideal for toddlers who refuse to stay still! Realistic details like headlights and easy to hold handles satisfy their urge to keep up with siblings on bikes and scooters.

3. Rocking horse

rocking horse

A classic toddler toy, the rocking horse is still one of the best ride on toys for kids. They’re sturdy and gentle enough for toddlers. This rollicking ride will rock to their heart’s content and leave them with fond memories.

2. Parent-pushed


Children seem to have limitless energy right until they peter out. Parent-pushed wagons, trucks and basic bikes give toddlers the fun sensation of rolling on their own two wheels without the work. These lightweight, easy-to-steer toys give the littlest ones a taste of the good times ahead.

1. Wagons


Wagons are a classic toy, but you’re not limited to the heavier red models many parents grew up with. Today wagons for kids are lightweight and easy to pack in the car for vacations. They make it easy to transport tired little ones. They’re also fun for kids to pull around their dolls or each other.

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