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Best of … buying seeds online

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 21, 2011
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One of the best of buying seeds onlineContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

There are more to seeds than meets the eye and these five online stores have what it takes to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs that surpass your expectations!

Whether you are looking for plants that produce juicy clumps of tomatoes or stress-relieving herbs, these online stores have done their homework to bring you top quality seeds that surpass the rest.

Gourmet Seeds

Stock your kitchen

One of the best of buying seeds online

Many online seed stores have what it takes to make sure every avid gardener gets the garden he desires year after year. Even for the small-scale grower, Gourmet Seed has items like this tumbling tomato plant that grows in window boxes or baskets. They offer seeds so every kitchen can be stocked with fresh vegetables and herbs year round. Have a love for sprouts? You can grow organic sprout seeds from Italy. Take your pick of sunflower, flax, alfalfa or bean sprouts for fresh salads and zesty sandwiches every day. If bursts of color around the home are your thing, enjoy “native” flower seeds to brighten outdoor living spaces.

Specialty Cuisine Seeds

Cook’s garden

One of the best of buying seeds online

There are some seed catalogs that provide seeds that grow every day favorites as well as the out-of-the-ordinary culinary delights. For Italian lovers everywhere, you can spice up any meal with bold flavored herbs like oregano, arugula, or rosemary that everyone will be bragging about. The stridolo seed is unique to Italy and adds a zesty appeal to salads, omelets or risotto. So if you want to impress the neighbors with your assortment of vegetables and herbs, look for a “Italian seed mix” for the taste of “old Italy.”

Fall bulbs

One of the best of buying seeds online

A slew of your favorite Spring flowers don’t grow from seeds, we know, and most of the bulbs from need to go into the ground before the first Fall freeze. Plan for a variety of heights and colors, or go for garden drama and plant all one type and color of tulip, iris or daffodil.

Herb Stores

Planting for health

One of the best of buying seeds online

For an all-natural cure to many common ailments, a store that specializes in herbs provides the seeds that let you maintain your own health! This Siberian Ginseng helps to improve endurance and relieve mental stress. Have an upset stomach? Then try growing chamomile to calm the acid. Look for herbal seeds for spicing up foods, keeping bugs out of the garden, and an assortment of healing herbs for just about any ailment. They even have a great tasting chocolate mint herb to dress up desserts and keep the family coming back for more.

Stokes Seeds

From veggies to flowers

One of the best of buying seeds online

Stokes Seeds sells quality seeds to home gardeners and commercial growers alike so no order is ever too small or too large. They have a wide variety of vegetables including this sweet bi-color corn that is perfect for barbecues or freezing to enjoy throughout the winter. Their flower seeds bring color and aromatic fragrances to garden areas or outside planters. From carnations to pansies, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Suggested Seed Catalogs


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