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Best of … heart healthy food gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 30, 2011
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One of the best of heart healthy food giftsContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Is it possible to send your friends and family heart healthy food gifts from the convenience of online stores?

You bet it is.

Several of today’s retailers are very conscious of what ingredients go into their food products. From gluten free breads to nature’s own fruits and nuts, your gift can be delicious and a healthy choice for the heart and a more active lifestyle. These foods won’t clog the arteries or contribute to heart disease, so give these gifts to friends or order for yourself to enjoy!

The Fruit Company

Nature’s Own

One of the best of heart healthy food gifts

The Fruit Company offers nature’s own best defense for a healthy heart with a large variety of fruit. They have an assortment of “orchard” fresh fruit that goes beyond what you will find in your local produce department. Send a gourmet gift basket with a selection of dried fruits or a fruit and nut tray to your Aunt Betty on her next birthday.

The Fruit Company will also make sure that all the gifts you send deliver the recipient’s fill of pomegranates, pineapple and kumquats to satisfy your taste for the exotic. Heart healthy food just comes naturally when taken straight from nature’s own orchards.

Pecan specialty store

Heart healthy snacks

heart healthy gifts pecans

Eating nuts is part of a healthy diet and good for the heart because they contain unsaturated fatty acids, and provide a healthy, animal-free source of complete proteins. A specialty nut store online can send your friends and family a gift of heart-healthy nuts.

Choose in-shell or ready-to-eat shelled nuts, or baking-ready pecan meal, all fresh from the heart of Texas.

Steak and Meats Online

Guilt-free beef

One of the best of heart healthy food gifts

Yes, meat can also on the list for healthy heart foods! Just make sure it is bison. This meat is naturally lean and lower in saturated fats than beef, chicken or pork. So…for all you meat lovers, you can have your beef without the worry of what it might be doing to your arteries. Bison – or buffalo – is also lower in cholesterol which contributes to heart disease making it the perfect choice for a meat and potatoes dinner.

Chef supplies catalog

Omega-3s to keep it beating strong

CHEFSHOP Wild caught Salmon

There’s probably not a single more delicious, heart healthy food than wild caught salmon. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, studies show that this powerhouse food can help to lower bad cholesteral, raise good cholesterol and lessen your chances of having a heart attack. And as if all that’s not enough, sending a gift of fresh, never frozen wild salmon from


Dark chocolate is a heart-healthy treat

dark chocolate gifts

Who wouldn’t love a gift of chocolate? And according to researchers, small daily indulgences in dark chocolate like these squares are actually good for your health. According to researchers, dark chocolate eaten daily helps to reduce blood pressure and may help to prevent or reduce plaque formation in your arteries.

Best of all, these single serving squares make it easy to eat just the right amount to keep your body…and your taste buds in top shape.


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