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Best of … places to shop for a spoiled dog

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 16, 2011
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One of the best of places to shop for a spoiled dogContributed by Paul Seaburn, Top 10 Guru

Is your dog spoiled?

Mine think I need to go to obedience school because I don’t listen when they order me to buy them more stuff.

Does a dog really need rawhide toothpicks for eating steak appetizers or cat-flavored bottled water? Mine do.

If you’re in the mood – or under orders – to shop for a spoiled dog, here are some great places to start.

In The Company of Dogs

Bunk beds mean no more fighting for the couch

One of the best of places to shop for a spoiled dog

Dogs love sleepovers but they hate sharing their beds. Rather than making one sleep on the couch, try a doggie bunk bed. It also comes in handy when your new litter is bigger than you planned for. A dog supply store has a great selection of regular dog beds as well as travel gear, crates and portable feeding bowls for the dog on the go.

Pipsqueak Productions

Pantries for the pooch

One of the best of places to shop for a spoiled dog

Nothing says “Don’t touch my stuff!” like a personalized pet pantry. It has shelves for food and toys, a rod for hanging pooch clothes and a painting by artist Mary Badenhopof of your proud spoiled dog’s breed on the front. Pipsqueak puts Mary’s paintings on cards, clothing, bookmarks and many other items.

Dog Supply Stores

If your dog could talk

One of the best of places to shop for a spoiled dog

A custom ID tag goes way beyond name and phone number. Perfect for those households where juggling the kids, work, taking care of dinner and keeping track of social schedules might just make your best friend last on the list. Who walked the dog? Did the kids feed Fido? A specialty dog supply store has an e-Minder that does all the scheduling of doggie’s day for you. Another option is a QR code on your dog’s collar instead of a traditional name/phone number – it can carry a lot more information. They also carry a cool little USB drive dog ID that comes in a waterproof case and snaps onto your dog’s collar – store vet information, detailed contacts and more.

Pet Chew Toys

The right to chews

One of the best of places to shop for a spoiled dog

Every day is a holiday when you’re a spoiled dog, but special holidays deserve special treats, and a pet supply catalog is the place to find them. Rawhides, porkhides, basted bones and natural products in every shape and color imaginable are available. Having a bone to pick with your spoiled dog was never so easy and fun!

Pet Doors

Let me in … I mean out!

One of the best of places to shop for a spoiled dog

Tired of getting up and opening the door because your spoiled dog can’t decide if in or out is better? An electronic door solves the problem by using an electronic key on your pet’s collar to activate and open a special pet door. Look for your pet’s in-and-out solution from over 200 doors for dogs and cats to get through doors, walls or windows.

Suggested Catalogs for Spoiled Dogs


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