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Best of … theme decorating ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 1, 2011
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A list of the best of theme decorating ideasContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Decorating with themes can bring a spicy Southwestern flavor, a nostalgic Americana, or a French provincial cottage feel to any room.

Themed rooms let your imagination run wild when choosing the accessories to complete the room. Start with floor coverings, choose a few choice furniture pieces, some artistic wall décor, and top off with the lighting! You’ll soon have a room that complements your taste and decorating style.

Ready to makeover your ordinary, white-wall painted rooms? Then these five online stores have the themes to shake it up a little.

French country

Vintage countryside

A list of the best of theme decorating ideas

Specialty stores provide the accessories that bring a touch of French history and romance to home decor. From ornate bedroom furniture to the colorful stories of characters such as Marie Antoinette, French decor has long held it’s place as being one of the most popular decorating themes. Look for everything to give your home French country charm with farmhouse tables and cottage chairs to shabby chic décor! For theme decorating ideas, there is a provincial French countryside to living areas.


Taste of apple pie

A list of the best of theme decorating ideas

Home decor keeps alive the spirit of Americana. The selection of clocks, wall plaques, quilts, and primitive rag dolls celebrate the days of simplicity and charm. What better way to welcome friends and family into your home when surrounded by all the comforts of American country appeal. Shopping for specialty items will satisfy your desire for nostalgia and a warm homey feel.

Southwestern flavor

Desert dreaming

One of the best of decorating theme ideas

If you are looking to decorate in a Southwestern theme, then a western theme store is the one-stop you need. From coyotes howling at the moon to gecko light plate switches, you can enjoy the Southwestern lifestyle all year round. Not only do they offer home décor, but the furnishings and floor coverings to back it up. Where else would you find a wooden drum table or Kokopelli cabinet to offset the cowhide rug?

European luxury

Start with linens

One of the best of theme decorating ideas

If you are looking for theme decorating ideas, don’t forget the bedding. A high end luxury linen store has the ultimate in European bedding accessories. Silk sheets, duvet covers, and pure silk comforters from Germany’s St. Geneve will provide the luxurious night’s sleep you long for. And if you want to travel a little south of Europe, look for organic Egyptian cotton sheets in thread counts up to 1020. Now that’s luxury!


Ode to Italy

One of the best of theme decorating ideas

Artistica brings the rolling hills of Tuscany to your kitchen and living areas. You’ll fine hand painted biscotti jars to grace your kitchen counter tops and pasta bowls to serve up a sausage penne delicacy. Known for its bright, bold colors, you won’t find any bland, neutral colors in the kitchen with Artistica’s Tuscany decor. When not cooking up something special in the kitchen, Artistica has just the right vase to hold fresh flowers to give your entryway or living room a sweet summertime aroma. Hand painted lamps, candleholders, and pottery bring a colorful accent to living room furniture.


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