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Best of … biology for Kids

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

October 1, 2012
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best of biology for kidsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Finding the best of biology tools and study aids means students will learn more, retain more, and be more excited about science.

That’s why we’ve gathered the best of what’s out there to make biology for kids better than any book can manage. With the right tools, biology will be the subject they love to learn.

Human anatomy models

Lifelike models of your interior world

Best of biology for kids 3b scientific

When it comes to understanding human anatomy, textbooks can only go so far. Seeing is understanding, which is why the human anatomy models from 3B Scientific are such effective tools. Student mastery of parts, systems, structure and interaction will jump when you use these models for classroom or homeschool studies.

Select a full body model to show students where each organ fits, or focus their studies with a larger model of just one piece of the human puzzle like a heart, brain or one system. Or better yet, invest in both so kids understand the details and the big picture.

Student microscopes

Let kids see the details of life

Best of biology for kids

One of the great advantages of a school science lab is the equipment. But the cost can be far beyond most student’s budgets. That can all change if you add a microscope kit or more advanced microscopy supplies from Adorama to your at-home science tools. These affordable microscopes come in a variety of styles and start under $10. And no, that’s not a typo. With prices from under $10 to almost $500, they have tools to bring the details into focus for every budget.

Their budget-friendly pricing also means you’ll have more money left for slides, sample sets and the rest of the goodies that make using a microscope so much fun.

Biology at the other end

Scat samples teach diet, habitat and more

owl pellet kit

We all know kids love the gross side of life. The more something makes a grown-up go “Yuck”, the better it is. So maybe that’s why kids love it when the teacher gets to the unit on scat identification and analysis.

But almost no teachers want to spend their time out collection scat samples in the wild. And heaven knows, you never want to ask kids to bring in their own finds! I shudder at the thought! Thank goodness there are suppliers to provide prepacked owl scat samples for your diet and habitat unit! Choose from just pellets, or select one of their complete lesson plan kits for a biology lesson they WILL talk about for years to come!

Biology meets forensics

Where TV meets the biology lab

Best of biology for kids nasco science

They’ve seen it on TV. So how excited would your students be to get their hands on the tools and techniques that merge biology with forensics? That’s exactly what you’ll find: students can learn blood typing, hair sample testing, basic gentetics, and more. They even have complete mock-crime scene kits to let students bring their skills together in a real-world setting. Chances are they’ll be having so much fun, they’ll forget they’re even learning!

Classroom Resource Stores

From slides to biology lesson plans

Best of biology for kids rainbow resource

Get a quick start on biology lessons with prepared slides and lesson plans. They are what homeschoolers and teachers need for botany, zoology and microbiology units. Check out their great selection of biology workbooks, teacher’s guides and lab tools, too,

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