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Best of … chocolate covered food

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 21, 2011
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A list of the best of chocolate covered foodContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Ahhhh….who doesn’t love melt in your mouth chocolate.

Chocolate satisfies the sweet tooth in all of us and is the perfect pick me up anytime of day. However, when you combine the delicacy of chocolate with other favorite foods, you have a chocolate covered food that satisfies all snack cravings. These five online stores have created a match made in heaven when they combine your favorite chocolate with a salty crunch, fresh fruit and more. Chocolate lovers, you are about to be delighted!

Swiss Colony

Salty crunch

A list of the best of chocolate covered food

Swiss Colony has blended chocolate and the salty crunch of a favorite snack food – the potato chip. Ripples of chocolate turn the ordinary potato chip into a delectable indulgence.

Perfect for the holidays or anytime you have a get together, this delightful snack will be a crowd pleaser. Be sure to have plenty on hand because they won’t be able to eat just one! Besides their assortment of chocolate covered foods, Swiss Colony has delectable cakes, candies, meat and cheese gifts to satisfy any appetite.

Mrs. Prindles

Caramel and chocolate covered apples

Think about the caramel apples you snacked on at carnivals and circuses as a child. Now forget them, because the richly enrobbed caramel and chocolate confections from Mrs. Prindables. Each giant, juicy-fresh apple is transformmed into a rich and delicious dessert or a never-to-be-forgotten gift.

Still not convinced that this is one of the very best chocolate covered foods? How about this…they don’t stop with the caramel and chocolate. Each Mrs. Prindable’s apple is dressed in extras like fresh nuts, crushed mint, white chocolate stripes or otehr mouth-watering addition. Choose the full sized apples, or order a selection of flavors in their smaller sized party pack.

Online Coffee Purveyor

Coffee beans

A list of the best of chocolate covered food

Love your coffee with a hint of chocolate? An online coffee shop has the solution to jump-start your morning with an assortment of coffee beans drizzled with a layer of rich chocolate. With your choice of white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate smothered premium coffee beans, who could ask for anything more? Chocolate covered coffee beans are also a great mid afternoon snack when the workday starts to get a little long.

Besides chocolate covered food, they often have a wide assortment of organic grown coffee from Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and more. And coffee is a great choice to pair with chocolate desserts…just in case you’re not getting enough of that sweet treat from these vendors.

Sphinx Ranch Gourmet Gift Market

Classic nutty combination

Chocolate covered dates

Sphinx Ranch Gourmet Gift Market has all your favorite gourmet dates with nuts drenched in chocolate. They bring you a selection that is the perfect treat for weddings, parties, and family holiday gatherings. Set out a fancy plate of chocolate covered almond stuffed dates rolled in coconut and watch them disappear. A blend of sweet chocolate, nuts, and hint of salt brings a little luxury to any party and the chocolate covered food you will want plenty of!

Hale Groves

Coconut and orange

A list of the best of chocolate covered food

Here’s a rare taste treat for your mouth from Hale Groves. Chocolate dipped coconut patties bordered by succulent navel oranges. Imagine the surprise on your gift recipient’s face when they open this gift box!

From party tins to a monthly fruit club, Hale Groves has something for everyone that is fresh and sweet all year long. Their tropical fruit desserts such as key lime cookies and marmalades, are a great choice to pair with the sweet coconut patties for a complete gourmet treat. Now that’s a gift anyone would love to find at their door (even if you ordered the “gift” for yourself!)


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