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Best of … cool dorm rooms decorating ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 6, 2011
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Best of decor for college dorm roomsContributed by Anne Rose, Top 10 Guru

From September through June, your college dorm room is your haven on campus. Small, basic and most often shared with a room mate, decorating a dorm room may be as big a challenge as any of your university classes.

A college dorm generally provides a bed, bare mattress, chest of drawers and small desk with a chair. The walls are neutral. Storage space minimal.

We aren’t painting a pretty picture … but there is hope for even the most spartan of dorm rooms.

The Company Store

Great patterns in XLong sheets

Best of college dorm room decorating ideas

The Company Store has what you need to make your bed the design focal point of your dorm room. When you have less than impressive furniture, you have to make the most of the furniture you do have: the bed. You might not be getting as much sleep as you want – with all that studying – but the sleep you do get should be with the most comfortable bed linens you can afford. Buy good (extra long twin) sheets, a puffy-double-bed-size-duvet that stands up to strange temperature fluctuations and a throw for wrapping up while you wander the halls in search of a study partner. Color and pattern are important. Calm or vibrant, you decide what will make you feel most at home in your modest space. Coordinate with your roommate if you see eye-to-eye, or stay safe with solids and neutrals.

Words on Your Walls

Express your identity

One of the best college dorm room decorating ideas

Adhesive words and letters are the solution for institutional walls. Painting usually isn’t allowed or takes too much a) time, b) money and c) effort … posters look amateurish. Try wall decals that are easy to apply and even easier to remove to make your dorm room unique and give your psyche some relief. Put up your favorite expression (i.e. NOM! NOM! NOM!), inspirational quote, pop-art graphic, or combination of letters and images. Cool. In minutes.

Smart Lighting

Natural light beats the S.A.D. blues

One of the best of college dorm room decorating ideas

A specialty lighting store has what you need to augment unpleasant dorm room ceiling light fixtures. You’ll get bonus points with natural spectrum lighting that reduces glare, eyestrain and study-fatigue. All while delivering the mood and health benefits of daylight. Think that staying up all night and sleeping in the afternoon won’t take its toll? … think again. Mom will be happy that at least you’re taking care of yourself with smart lighting. You’ll like the trendy and affordable options, too.

Trendy Teen Stores

Accessories with style punch

One of the best college dorm room decorating ideas

A trendy teen store has unique accessories that will make your room fun without overdoing it. Remember, too much stuff equals clutter equals stress. And, what you haul to school, you’ll have to haul back home for summer. Think about decorating lean, with a few items that pack a big punch. Two or three pictures that remind you of home, a big fun pillow, curtains (use a spring tension rod for easy installation) and a plush rug for your morning toes. That will do it!

Home Decor Catalogs

Loads of attractive storage

One of the best college dorm room decorating ideas

A home decor catalog has colorful, attractive options for keeping your small space clutter free. Colorful zip-up containers look cooler than a tower of plastic containers and they are lighter to move around. Soft storage also bins collapse when you’re not using them which saves space, and they don’t look like you live in a warehouse. A canvas and wood shoe tower, over the door clothes hooks, risers for the bed (increases stash space underneath!), under-the-bed zippered storage and a collapsible laundry bag might not SOUND like dorm decorating essentials, but think like your mom and you’ll have the most organized and livable college dorm space on campus.

Dorm decorating tip! Don’t shop, pack and haul it … order online and have everything you need delivered right to your dorm!

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