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Best of … creative gardens

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 3, 2012
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creative gardensContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

With summer here in full force, you are looking for innovative ways to make your yard plantings and flower beds stand out from your neighbor’s.

Everyone goes with roses and tulips, but you want to be a little more creative. Here are some of the best ways you can have a creative garden.

English Greenhouse

Old World beauty in bloom

charleys greenhouses

Of course, just because you want to have a creative garden doesn’t mean you have to wait until you can plant outside. With a greenhouse, you add Old World beauty to your property, and flexibility for early and late season gardening. Shop the many greenhouse styles and accessories at Charley’s Greenhouse, and find everything you need for successful greenhouse gardening.

Amish Country Gazebos

Create a romantic focal point


Instead of centering your gardening efforts around a flower bed and plantings, start with a unique and statement-making feature like a romantic gazebo from Amish Country Gazebos. Go as large as your outdoor space can proportionally accommodate and base your gardening efforts around highlighting your gazebo’s drama.

Quality Silk Plants

No more dirt

Fern in Planter

Your garden doesn’t necessarily need to grow from the ground up. Another great way to have a creative garden would be to go with a planter pot here and there with a nice looking fern sprouting out of it. Using silk plants gives you a shortcut around sun, shade, temperature and water considerations. Of course, the best part of going with an idea like this you can actually rearrange your garden in any way you want without having to dig everything up.

Design Toscano

Exceptional statues for extraordinary gardens

giraffe garden statue

You could also go with a more unusual looking garden, while still basing it on a traditional look. Set up your garden like normal and then liberally place unexpected statues and decorations throughout the scene. Design Toscano has a huge selection of garden statues, from traditional angels and gnomes to the completely unexpected like a raptor skeleton or this life-size giraffe statue. Nope, “boring” will NOT describe your garden if you take this route!

Seed Companies

Let your kitchen inspire you


While a vegetable garden might not seem all that creative or original, there are ways to go about putting your own stamp. Creativity comes in many forms and having a garden full of vegetables that aren’t seen in a lot of other gardens is one way to go, especially if you grow what you eat. Asian food fan? Go with oriental vegetables like bok choi and snow peas. Italian chef? Tomatoes and zucchini might be an old standby, but what about Radicchio or Fennel?

Outdoor Living Stores

Planter gardening for dimension


Instead of carving out sections of your lawn for a garden, use a number of elegant planters at strategic architectural points around your home. The white self-watering planters add a elegant, finished look to walkways, drives and entrances, and can be used in multiples around your property for easy upkeep and simple planting.

Rock It Creations

Rock garden with a message

garden stone

Vegetables and flowers are nice and having a ton of different decorations around your garden are creative ways to go about giving your garden a different look. What about not having your garden center around plants at all? Rock gardens are starting to spring up more and more and offer a wide range of ways you can go. Engraved rocks from Rock It Creations will allow you to put your particular spin on any rock garden you can dream up.


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