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Different Types of Purses

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 31, 2013
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pursesContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

In case you hadn’t heard, purses can be more than just a carrier for all things feminine.

No kidding. These handy vessels for transporting makeup, keys, cell phones, and cash can also function as a fashionable works of art that convey your individual sense of style. Whether you are a busy soccer mom, an edgy artist, or a powerful business woman, or all of the above, there is a purse for that. Here are some of the different types of purses available to show off your sense of self:

10. Purrr-fect Purses with Animal Prints

animal prints

Fashionistas are still wild about animal print purses. Those with a ferocious sense of style will appreciate these edgy purses that allow them to take a walk on the wild side with their fashion forward ways. This could easily be the go-to purse for the stylish cougars out on the prowl.

9. Stunningly Studded and Beaded Bags

Stunningly Studded and Beaded Bags

Studded and beaded bags are big this year! A bit of bling brings a little sparkle to your fashion ensemble, and these bedazzling bags are not just for after hours. More and more studded and bejeweled purses are creeping into the workplace.

8. Make Mine a Messenger Bag

Make Mine a Messenger Bag

For a more practical purse, consider a stylish and reliable messenger bag. Not only is it roomy enough to carry all of your essentials, but it can also carry all of those “mom” things somehow end up in your purse—like pacifiers, spare socks, candy wrappers, and lint covered mints.

7. Get Creative with Canvas

Get Creative with Canvas

Canvas is not just for beach totes or eco-bags. Canvas can actually be colorful and stylish as well as environmentally conscious. The fabric is durable and easy to care for, making it the sensible choice for everyday wear.

6. Cute Little Clutches

Cute Little Clutches

A simple clutch purse is a perennial favorite that can be fun or fancy—depending on your outfit. Make sure to have at least one Little Black Clutch to take along when you wear your Little Black Dress. It is the perfect size to stash your cell phone, lipstick, and credit card—all of life’s necessities.

5. Adorable Denim


Now, don’t dis’ the denim. A simple denim bag is a stylish way to stash all of your necessities, and the ease of care is second to none! Darker denims lend a dressier feel, while faded denim is more laidback and weekend-casual. Don’t doubt denim’s ability to take on a more sophisticated feel. Paired with a sleek black jersey dress, denim easily makes the transition to easy elegance.

4. Feel Good About Faux Fur

faux fur

Fear not! No furry critters were wounded while creating these fab faux fur creations. Get all of the lux and style of fur without the guilt (or the insanely expensive price tag)!

3. Graphic Graffiti

Graffiti Bag

City chic takes center stage when you don a gritty and graphic graffiti-style purse. Paired with a simple black dress, you master the art of urban utilitarianism. Coupled with jeans, the graffiti style lends undertones of artistic indifference.

2. Very Vibrant Vinyl

Very Vibrant Vinyl

Shiny and glamorous and sleek beyond words, the vinyl purses bring a certain panache to ay outfit it is paired with. Forget leather or suede. Ignore fancy fabrics. These wonderous man-made marvels come in every color under the sun and shiny quite nearly as brightly.

1. Purses that Pop!

Purses that Pop!

Bold designs and eye catching color are what make pop art and color block bags so much fun. The spectrum of colors ensures that these trendy bags will go with nearly every outfit, and the vibrant style is perfect for the fashion fearless!

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