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Everything you need for a dog

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 11, 2013
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Contributed by Info Guru Cindi Pearce

Just as you wanted the best for your children you also want the very best of everything you need for a dog.

Yes, empty nesters, in particular, sometimes get a little carried away and treat their pets like children but there is no harm in this.

Pets are wonderful companions and, of course, everyone already knows that dogs are man’s best friend. Empty nesters are not the only ones who adore their pets and like giving them the royal treatment, at least on occasion.

Make it easy for your lost pet to be identified


Being a loving, caring and attentive pet owner is non-optional. It’s a requirement if you are going to be a pet owner. If you buy a dog, or inherit or rescue one, giving love to your charge is non-negotiable because animals, just like humans, need love and respond to it. Among the many responsibilities of a loving pet owner is equipping your pet with identification tags, which you can find, in abundance, at dogIDs. The ID should include the pet’s name, your name, phone number and address or email address if you desire. Also consider getting a micro chip inserted into your canine. This way, if he goes missing and is found it can be determined who he is and where he belongs. There is nothing worse than losing a pet. It happens. They wander off. And imagine how frightening it must be for the pet who is accustomed to the creature comforts of home as well as the company of his humans to find himself in unfamiliar territory.

In The Company of Dogs

A sleeping dog is a good dog!

dog bed

Canines sleep, a lot and, of course want and need to be comfortable. Hence, they should have a bed of their own, and a comfy one at that. You can find the best beds and mats on the market at In the Company of Dogs, which boasts a tremendous selection.

Lambert Vet Supply

Animals need immunized and occasionally need medicine

dog health

Make sure that your pet has the medical care and treatment that it needs and, of course, deserves. A good pet owner does not skimp on trips to the vet’s nor does he forget to immunization his pet. Go to Lambert Vet Supply to find everything you need to keep your canine healthy. First and foremost you want a healthy pet.

Pet Supplies 4 Less

Relief from arthritic pain

arthritis meds

The older your pet gets the more medical attention he may require. At Pet Supplies 4 Less you can find virtually every medication, including medicine for arthritis, which many older animals suffer from. Yes, animals do experience pain, and yes, you can do something to help alleviate or even prevent that pain. Your pet is dependent on you to detect symptoms that he is experiencing because the animal obviously cannot tell you where it hurts and what type of treatment it desperately needs. If you can’t afford to provide medical treatment to an animal, do not get one. It’s a simple as that.


Brrrr …

dog clothes

Dogs can get cold. So why not cover them with some stylish canine-wear, which can be found at Orvis. Your pet will be the snazziest thing going in the neighborhood.

In and out on their own

pet door

You can make life easier on your pet (and you) by installing a pet door. Go to and see the variety of pet doors that are available. Think of the time you will save if your dog can get in and out without your assistance. Even more importantly, think of the “accidents” that will be avoided if your pet can get outside on his own when nature calls.


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