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Best of … fabulous dinner parties decorating

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 19, 2011
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On the list of the best of fabulous dinner parties decoratingContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

As all cooking aficionados know, great tasting food only tells part of the story.

Presentation is also key to a great dinner party, and this includes the ambiance.

Decorating your living and dining area in preparation for hosting a fabulous dinner party sets the tone for the whole evening. Casual, funky, kitsch, elegant or retro, the decor can make or break or dinner party. And since we want the evening to be a smashing success, these Best of Fabulous Dinner Party Decorating ideas will get you off on the right foot.

Create a holiday tradition

Christmas china

One of the best of fabulous dinner parties decorating

Almost nothing – except family and wonderful food – makes holiday entertaining more special than fabulous china that you use only during the season. Collect pieces from one collection, or combine a number of patterns and accessories to make your holiday dinner party an occasion to remember. Start with a winter holiday pattern, and establish a family tradition that will continue for generations.

Theme party

Nostalgia is fun

On the list of the best of fabulous dinner parties decorating

Ah, the good ol’ days. If you’ve caught yourself thinking that, there’s a good chance your friends have too. Why not take ‘em back with a fabulous dinner party, 50’s theme style? Not ideal for a quiet, intimate dinner with close friends of course. But with 6 or 7 couples, Elvis doing his thing in the background, and these old-school Musical Notes Table Favors from a big party store setting the atmosphere, the table is set (sorry about that) for an evening of twistin’.

Inspired dinnerware

Serve Mediterranean style

One of the best of fabulous dinner parties decorating

Perfect for summer; fabulous dinner parties featuring decorative, hand-painted ceramic ware with food served family style invites boisterous dinner conversations. Bring the Mediterranean aura to your next dinner party. Imagine this Allegria Rectangular Platter overflowing with pasta, two large serving utensils at either end and a table surrounded with friends; now that’s a recipe for a world class dinner party.

Tablescape with simple accessories

Style setting savvy

On the list of the best of fabulous dinner parties decorating

Table runners are not just for Holidays anymore. There are so many decorative possibilities with this Mirrored Table Runner from Miles Kimball; you can decide how formal you want to be. Remove the centerpiece and replace it with candles to reflect off the mirrors and you’re left with one ambience, brighten it up with the flowers of the season and you set an entirely different tone. Your guests don’t need to know it costs less than $13!

Host a luau

Polynesian fun

On the list of the best of fabulous dinner parties decorating

Any list of fabulous dinner parties in the summer must include at least one luau theme. Decorating your home with all things Hawaii is a sure-fire winner. A specialty party store has the party accessories, decorations, backgrounds, favors and costumes you need. They even has a one-stop complete luau party pack, so you won’t have to shop for each and every element.

Of course, it’s up to you (and your budget) whether you go elaborate, or go simple. Just these these Flower Lei Garlands in conjunction with a few Table Top Tiki Torches will get everyone thinking Don Ho. If you have a ukulele and aren’t afraid to use it, this is your time.

Picking a theme for your dinner party will make deciding on decorating and picking food much easier. And your guests will enjoy being immersed in the whole party experience.

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