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Top 10 Famous Hats and the People Who Wore Them

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 11, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Some people can wear hats, and some can’t. Those who do and do it well tend to leave their mark.

You can’t imagine some people without their trademark “bonnets.” Here is my list of the top ten famous hats. And, of course, the people who wore them.

10. Marlene Dietrich

Now this woman could wear a top hat. A perfect example of gender-bending, Dietrich managed to look both magnificently female and sexy while also conveying a masculine side. Dietrich was the epitome of androgyny.

9. Johnny Depp

Oh, ooh la la, can that man wear a hat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pirate hat or a dapper Fedora, he pulls it off with elan.

8. Tim McGraw

What in the world has happened to country music star McGraw’s omnipresent hat? He is now appearing in movies hat-less. Shocking! He is kind of unrecognizable without his hat until you hear him speak, and then you realize, by golly. That’s Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s better half, hat-less. Did he get hair plugs or something? What’s the deal? At least we now know what is underneath the ever present cowboy hat. but I suspect that hair wasn’t there before.

7. Al Capone

Al Capone, the gangster of all gangsters, was a malicious little critter, certainly as he was recently portrayed on the TV show Broadway Empire. He was always wearing a hat. It became part of his persona. Capone wore a Fedora, which is a felt hat. Fedoras were a popular choice among gangsters.

6. Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde infamy was a gangster in the 1930s that came to a bloody end. Ruthless as she was, Bonnie, nevertheless, managed to be something of a fashionista in the midst of the bedlam and mayhem that she and Clyde were inflicting on the nation. She was often pictured wearing a tam, cocked at a jaunty angle. It’s hard to imagine this outlaw without her tam and a machine gun.

5. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was never without ubiquitous his glove, but he also sported, and quite elegantly so, a Fedora even when performing. The Fedora is considered a gangster style hat (ala Al Capone). Many celebrities don this type of hat, including the late Bing Crosby, Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Snoop Dogg. MJ could make his hat dance. He could roll the hat over his shoulder, down his arm and into his hand.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s gross meat hat has simply got to factor into this list somewhere because who in the world voluntarily puts a slab of meat on their noggin—maybe on your face if you’re a pugilist but right on top of your hair? She gets points for ridiculousness.

3. John Wayne

“Well, I don’t favor talking to vermin, but I’ll talk to you just this once.” It’s hard to imagine this movie legend uttering this movie quote in his inimitable voice in anything other than a cowboy hat on his head. John Wayne’s hat size was reportedly 7 1/4 + 7 3/8. John Wayne christened the Stetson “The hat that won the West.”

2. Abraham Lincoln

He would not be good old honest Abe without his stovepipe hat, now would be?

1. Queen Elizabeth

Top honors have to go to Queen Elizabeth, who is never without a hat. Some of her fancy dress hats are subject to taste-debate, but she wears them, nevertheless. Apparently, those are the royal rules: Wear a hat, an ugly one.

Edit: the photo above, thanks to a reader, is of the late Queen Mother. Below is a photo of Queen Elizabeth, in full hatted glory.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Famous Hats and the People Who Wore Them”

  1. Robert Brown on January 21st, 2011 2:32 pm

    Great piece, but the picture you have for Queen Elizabeth is actually of her late mum, The Queen Mother. Just thought you should know. And for future readers, hopefully when you take in this post, the picture will have been changed to her majesty, so please don’t comment that I’m not correct. Thanks.

  2. Staff on January 26th, 2011 1:35 pm

    Thank you Robert! We added a photo of Queen Elizabeth, in a lovely mint green number. And left the photo of the late Queen Mother who always looked very royal in her hats!