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Best of … feng shui in the home

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 18, 2011
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One of the best of feng shui in the homeContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

When you incorporate the concept of feng shui in your home, it’s comparable to meditating.

You are surrounding yourself with a calm, peaceful cocoon-like environment where you can re-energize after a long, hard day at work. Feng shui, which means wind and water, is the Chinese method of finding harmony in your life.

A home that has been set up in a certain way according to the feng shui guidelines creates a harmonious environment. Those who adhere to this philosophy believe that you should use feng shui when moving into a new home, when you are having health problems or are experiencing something that you hadn’t anticipated, which could be a good thing or a bad thing but either way it’s unfamiliar to you. If you can’t sleep or your child isn’t fairing well in school, or you’ve had an accident in your home, you may want to consult with a feng shui master.

The best ways to include feng shui in your home include:

Yin and Yang

Feng shui basics

One of the best of feng shui in the home

Feng shui takes into account yin and yang. Yin stands for female and passive energy, and yang represents masculine and hot. Considering that many men and women share the same home, and both have their own needs and wants, which might not always mesh, a couple must find a balance that pleases both the woman and the man. BrylaneHome has a variety of bedroom items, as well as products for the other rooms in your home that will please the yin and the yang, resulting in comfort, harmony and rest.

If disharmony exists in the room where you, and your partner are supposed to be recouping after a long day, your psychic balance is going to be out of whack as well as your physical self. When you use feng shui, this dictates the way furniture is placed in a room, the color and style of furnishings and the type of decorations that are used and this creates an atmosphere conducive to improving communication within the home or office and which promotes cooperation among families and workers in an office and creates an atmosphere that is pleasurable.


Avoid disharmony

One of the best of feng shui in the home

Using feng shui in your home can literally prevent accidents from occurring. Don’t toss your shoes or other items on the floor, which you can stumble over. Additionally, when you remove clutter particularly that which is close to the front door, energy called chi collects the odors from shoes or book bags and disperses the smell throughout your home. Harriet Carter offers numerous and unique ways to organize your home so that you are free of clutter and aren’t falling over stuff that shouldn’t be on the floor in the first place.

Purify and Breathe

Clear the air

Implementing the principles of feng shui will move you toward a healthier, allergen-free environment. Pay attention to all elements in your home, and take steps to make each of those as pure as you can. A whole-home, or room-size, air purifier from Waterwise Purification Systems will help you breathe more freely and will minimize the energy and stress your body feels fighting symptoms of allergies like headaches, nasal congestion and poor sleep.

And to maintain the peaceful feeling, their sleek, low-profile designs won’t scream “air purfier” or take up precious floor space.

Indoor Water Features

Incorporate the elements

Feng shui considers not only yin and yang energy but the other elements, including water, fire, metal, wood and earth. Put an indoor water fountain in your home. Bellacor provides excellent options when it comes to finding water features for the interior or exterior of your home. The sound of water running is soothing and will calm your jangled nerves. Water represents abundance and is the element of the north. Ideally, place your water feature in the southeast or east area of your home.

Color and Design

Understand the impact

If you want to infuse your home with high energy and passion use colors such as a potent yellow, orange, red, pink or purple. The color red is invigorating and is the marriage color in India. It is associated with happiness, passion, courage, romance and luck whereas yellow represents nourishment and happiness. WallQuotes has some innovative and colorful solutions to wall treatments as well as ideas for decorating in general. Use easy-to-apply vinyl wall art to quicky and simply add the right components of color that your feng shui effort is missing and to add images of the four elements.

Get Help

Consult a professional

One of the best of feng shui in the home

If you don’t think you can accomplish the art of feng shui on your own, enlist the help of a professional that recognizes the important of this concept and knows how to execute it. Perla Lichi Interior Designers know how to accommodate your needs so that you are comfortable in your home, which requires that the interior is harmonious, beautiful and in balance.


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