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Best of … finishing touches in fashion

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 11, 2012
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finishing touchContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

You’ve got the dress and shoes, hair looks fabulous, and your makeup is flawless, but the overall look is still missing that something special to set it off.

Finishing touches aren’t so much elusive as they are easy to not think about until that final glance in the mirror when you really wish you had a piece of jewelry or a vibrant scarf to pull the outfit together.

These fashionable finishing touches work for a variety of styles and budgets.


Docs are made for everyone

Doc Martens

Shoes help define a look. The same dress can look prim or edgy depending on whether you wear it with strappy heels or combat boots. Comfort and durability are debatable among stiletto fans, but many men and women prefer to get the most style and wear for the dollar. Perhaps that’s why Dr. Marten’s are still going strong after 50 years. Add a casual finishing touch to street wear, dresses or active clothes.


Pull yourself together


Business clothing doesn’t leave a lot of room for self-expression, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a finishing touch to a suit or dress shirt. Silver cufflinks add an extra dash of polish to catch the eye. They’re a timeless accessory because they’re both functional and decorative. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store carries unique cuff links to set you apart from the crowd.


Easy style for busy gals


Scarves are among the most versatile accessories you can own. They add instant color and texture to a dark jacket or solid top. Tie them around your waist to freshen up an old dress or knot one like the French if you’re feeling wanderlusty. Scarves from Peruvian Connection do the styling for you. Scarves like the one pictured above will add a finishing touch to any frock and make you feel bare without it.


What? This old thing?


A favorite piece of jewelry can really make your clothing sing. Long, chunky necklaces with colorful beads add a youthful finishing touch. Look for a jewelry store that carries a range of statement pieces including dangling chandelier earrings and trendy glass and stone necklaces. Beyond completing your outfit, wearing a piece of jewelry that you love can be an easy conversation starter.


Eyes up here, buddy

three leather belts+

Many people stay away from belts because they don’t want to draw attention to their waist area, but the right belt enhances your shape like no other accessory can Match the color of a narrow belt to your clothing if you don’t want all eyes on your waistline. A belt from Sahalie makes a professional man look well put together. For women, leather belts with brass or metal buckles complement jewelry and work well with professional or dressy clothing. Canvas and other fabric belts finish off a casual look.


Warning: Highly Addictive

hobo bag

You don’t need to know a thing about fashion to understand why handbags are such a glorious thing. Not only do they hold our lipstick, sunglasses, hair brush and all the other mentionables that keep us looking cool and collected all day, they add attitude, flair or whatever else you feel your look is missing. A hobo bag or tote has you covered no matter what your style. Quilted paisley handbags add a pinch of pretty, while this studded white hobo bag pictured above brings a rock ‘n’ roll edge.


Add a little mystery


Sunglasses are important because your eyes need protection from the sun. They also play a crucial role in fashion because no matter how cool your style, nobody looks good squinting. Sahalie carries affordable sunglasses in a variety of colors so you can coordinate them with what you’re wearing. I know you can pull off any color you want, but look for a style that complements your face shape. If you don’t typically wear jewelry, try on frames with subtle embellishments like Rhine stones on the side.

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